I’m not that good in reviewing food because I don’t like spending on fine dining.

That’s why whenever Cindy and I date, I pay for the movies while she pays for the food.

No… it’s not a cheapskate move.

No. No. No.

Anyway, I now know how King Kong felt when choppers tried to disturb him by circling around and pissing him off.

This is not the first time I ate at Grilled Tomato Tomas Morato. Located at the heart of Quezon City’s bar scene, this Persian cuisine place is a well known eatery amongst party-goers and college students. My GF introduced me to the place and even if the food tastes bland most of the time, the place is fine in terms of budget and service.

But during that lunch, it was the complete opposite. To their excuse, Grilled Tomato was in the middle of renovation. Past establishments like Reyes Barbecue and that Cheesecake place have moved out, leaving the place to hog the spotlight.

The first thing we noticed when we entered GT was the place isn’t that cold. We still ordered anyway and when the GF was playing for the grub I decided to take a leak. The CR is cramped but it was tolerable. When I got out of the CR though, flies scattered the minute I stepped on a particular spot. I shocked me but we already ordered so we sat. We ordered Sarsi in can and bottled water. Maybe I’m used to eating in refined places but during the last time we ate there, the waitress gave us the drinks with glasses with ice. I had to call the attention of the waitress to give us glass wares. It took the waitress a long time to give us the glass wares so you can imagine how long it took them to give us the order. For an establishment I once loved for the service, they were subpar at this point. When our orders came, I forgot to ask for extra rice.

A real man should always entertain the idea to BUY EXTRA RICE even if he feels full.

Honestly, I was about too but then again, who could eat when flies roam your body. Yes, those damned insects roamed, touched, and annoyed what should have been a good food moment. I usually chew my food well because I need to defend the fact that I spent 150php for it.

I was like walking to Quiapo, looking for a jeep that would send me to Shaw Boulevard, but there are a lot of men circling you to either buy pirated DVD’s, porn DVD’s, or PIRATED PORN DVD’s! I finished my food amidst the distractions quite fast and swung my hands mindlessly to not make those flies go to my woman’s lunch. After she finished her chicken tikka (I had a beef kebab by the way), I pulled her out from that fly-infested establishment.

First of all, I am a fan of the place (although whenever we eat there, it seems like 90 percent of the time, rain happens) but something scared me from that scenario. Luckily my stomach didn’t get bum. I remembered a couple of years back when as we waited for our food, a mouse sneaked in to the kitchen.

Maybe that time alone should be an adequate reason for us to never return to GT.

And as we read the posters, I saw that they allow pets to roam their premises.

That’s another reason to never return to GT.

Game over.


  1. Amoy putok kasi kinakain mo kaya ka nilalangaw!

  2. actually, you have a point.


    racist statement!!!!