I am coaching... again?

I just got out from a basketball game.

Apparently, I’m back as coach for our department's basketball team.

This time though, I am more of that guy that substitutes people.

Last year’s team was slow and old but this year’s team has quickness and hustle. Sure, they are relatively small for my liking and I am still missing a big man, but I think they’ll do well this year. I came in midway the season and we won three of our three assignments.

My first game was nothing but lazy. The team finished the first quarter 27 to 13 and we finished the game with a 76 to 45 score and my starters played most of the odd quarters as the bench heavily contributed in the even quarters. From last year’s team, the energy unleashed that game was mind-numbing. Gang rebounding proved vital and the defense was dominating. This year’s uniform was also red and white which was a far cry from the green and white we had last year.

At least three players in the squad had five steals and perhaps everyone got a hand on the rebounds.

The biggest problem? Showboating. Scaring the enemy by shouting directly to his ears is NOT good defense.

But it was funny though.

In their defense, when the lead was super big, I watched on the sidelines during the last five minutes of action, with a camera in tow. Up until the semi-finals, my appearance would be sporadic due to other commitments. We are assured of a seat to the next level. Perhaps then I got to learn how to prepare for those gut-wrenching games. From the chemistry I saw, I can this team going to the top.

Game over.


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