I bet on Boston!

I like to predict stuffs. I also like to gamble in certain amounts. I am also an avid Boston Celtics fan and I feel privileged to see Boston’s rich championship history getting acclaim from the triumvirate of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen and with the addition of Ragin’ Rajon Rondo.

For two weeks, I will hate all Laker fans. I don’t care what they did to help society, but let it be known that I will hate them with all my heart. The spirit of Red Auerbach, Walter Brown, and Dennis Johnson… plus the support that Bill Russell, Ed Macauley, Frank Ramsey, Jim Loscutoff, Bill Sharman, Bob Cousy, Tommy Heinsohn, KC Jones, Sam Jones, Bailey Howell, Don Nelson, Dave Cowens, Jo Jo White, John Havlicek, Nate Archibald, Cedric Maxwell, Robert Parish, Kevin McHale, Danny Ainge, Bill Walton, Reggie Lewis, and of course the great Larry Bird, will help the C’s claim their eighteenth crown (I saw this pic in the web. Boston has yet to retire #12).

Hoops’ writer-on-hiatus Chrisangelo is a person who’s rooting for the wrong team. We’ve been writing about basketball ever since he was a mere scrawny high school boy that I met in the internet four years ago or so. Sure, I won’t discount that I adore Kobe Bryant. It seems like when his number changed… so is his demeanor. However I am green-minded. It will last until the end of June and until then Kobe can kiss my…

With this, I arranged a fight with Chrisangelo. This bet would signal a bet that will last for at least the span of July. Let’s check out how the gamble was staged.


The Sydman: No they won't.

Chrisangelo: Wanna bet on it? Ha ha ha!

The Sydman: Hmmm…

Chrisangelo: What? ARE YOU SCAREEEED???

The Sydman: 15 posts in one week, admiring Boston and LA in Hoops!

Chrisangelo: SIGE! Make that 10, baka di kayanin ng server eh! (Sure but make it ten. The server might not take it.)

The Sydman: Nope.

Chrisangelo: Okay, okay. Deal. At the end of the day you'll be bowing down to Kobe's greatness!

The Sydman: You'll admire Boston… tell people why LA lost… profess man-love for their players and I will do the same… FOR BOSTON BECAUSE THEY WILL WINNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chrisangelo: No they won’t! Fear the Ronron dude! When Pierce goes down, HE REALLY IS DOWN COZ RON NAILED HIM!

The Sydman: Yuck! Gay joke!

Anyway, in a span of perhaps three weeks, you will see an abundance of Boston Celtic-related articles on www.hoops.blink.ph!


Because Boston will win!

Game over!


  1. yes ken... basketball IS cool!

  2. kaya pala parang may basketball ka sa tiyan!

  3. tambak ang celtics sa game 1!

  4. Come on, man. The Celtics, right? The ugliest team in the history of sports. A dynasty of ugly motherfuckers, man. Look at Kevin McHale.
    --American History X

  5. dodot:

    oo na... may basketball ako sa tiyan!

    cute naman. :)

  6. phil:

    babawi sila! MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  7. lamont:

    well... mchale could be ugly but michael cooper sports a bigger lip than robert parish and man, those lips aren't that kissable. :)