Iron Man 2: The Review

It took me a while to write this review.

Hey! My 450th article should have been finished a month ago!

Several factors stopped me from starting this early. First on my list is my inability to get into the mood of writing it.

The other reason is simply to make my brain process something I saw a month ago with elaborate details.

This is like some sort of Jedi mind trick so just sit back and start the ride.

The Story: Tony Stark is having health issues. The government is riding his ass because they think the Iron Man costume is a threat to America. Stark disagrees but people think otherwise… when he mixes his bratty rich kid behaviour and his cockiness that makes everyone hate him. Unknown to him, there is a madman plotting against him from the far side of the planet. The madman tried to destroy Stark by making him pay inside a racing oval. Then with the help of some jealous nerd, he funds the madman’s plan to kill Iron Man.

What I Liked: Have I mentioned that Robert Downey Jr. is an acting demigod? It is always fun to see him act and there’s no secret that he gave life to Iron Man. Gwyneth Paltrow also dished out a respectable performance. On the first movie, she’s like Stark’s living version of Rosey (the robot maid from the Jetsons) but now she’s been given these wonderful dilemmas to make her stint non-boring. I had trouble looking at Scarlett Johansson because she’s absurdly hot! It seems like this version is a much relaxed version of the first. It’s a generally favourable pic for me… if you discount that it had a freakishly magnificent predecessor. Still, Downey, Paltrow, Sam Rockwell, Mickey Rourke, Samuel L. Jackson, Johansson, Don Cheadle, Jon Favreau, Olivia Munn, and even Paul Bettany’s voice (as the digital butler named JARVIS)pulled in solid performances and that should get people hyped on the third instalment.

I like how Stark isn’t a serious billionaire superhero a la Bruce Wayne and flaunts his gifts like he’s FN untouchable. His mannerisms when drunk and uncontrollable remind me of an overconfident rock star.

What I Hated: Is it just me? Maybe it bothers me that perhaps they'll push for a Stark-Pepper wedding in Iron Man 3 because they revealed their romance prematurely (I think they could have done this at the end of Iron 3) but that's not it. There is something else. I have nothing against the movie really but… is it just me? I like Don Cheadle… and I really mean this but… him playing the War Machine is just… just wrong. I have no problems in the way he acted on the movie but… he’s just wrong. You see Terrence Howard was a towering army man that didn’t care shit of Downey’s character. Getting a smaller man to replace Howard was bad because it actually made a difference. Plus with the roles that Cheadle played… they were all worldly and not bad ass. Howard looks like a guy with marine tendencies. Whenever I see Cheadle I cringe. Stark can’t really be threatened by this guy… Don Cheadle… looks nice… too nice…

Anyway maybe it’s just me.

As if the whole world thinks that replacing Terrence Howard for Don Cheadle was a bad idea.

And by the way… Sam Jackson offering advices to Downey… it’s like watching a live action version of South Park where Downey is Stan and Samuel L is Chef.

Wouldn’t it rule if Samuel busts some Shaft-like move?

The Verdict: I saw the movie in 2d (a better version that’s lower than 3d) and I loved the visual treat. The visual treats though did not dampen the story’s integrity.

Yes… I will brace myself for the next edition and hopefully my eyes will adjust in seeing a 5’9 Cheadle replacing the 6’2 Howard.

Game over.


  1. I love Don Cheadle, but yeah, he doesn't fit as Jim Rhodes.

  2. I was also disappointed with the Cheadle thing. but the movie all in all was awesome!

  3. ken: yes i think it was good, some people might hate the Fantastic 4 movies but I kinda liked it better than Spiderman 3 and the X-Men 3 and the other weak Marvel movies (not keen on seeing Chris Evans playing Captain America though), but I have to agree with jorge and james that Don Cheadle was a miscast for the War Machine.

  4. randy couture should have been captain america. and triple h should have been thor.

  5. sure, couture is ufc's captain america but he has yet to muster enough acting skills.

    triple h needs to pay his dues and play support. even the charismatic rock played a memorable but supporting character opposite brendan fraser.