Mama Zeny rests

Last June 3, we paid our last respects to Mama Zeny.

People did what they can to see her off to heaven.

I was right – people know her because of her humor. My mom swore she felt a chilling breeze during the mass. Others felt it too. My sister, who couldn’t attend the burial, was followed by a white cat that was all nice and cuddly to her that it brought her tears. My aunt Mama Zeny, was fond of cats amongst other animals. She once owned a mongoose, and while it was killed by their dog (I could be wrong), pets endear her. She also loved her garden and over the years I had my share in stepping on cat poop.

Anyway, now she rests in a different kind of garden. During the procession where we walked from the church to the cemetery, there was a cameraman and a guy holding a laptop. Laugh all you want from St. Peter’s e-burol and e-libing (electronic interment) services but I think it’s a great idea. When I was talking to bunch of well-wishers, I saw a laptop near the coffin. Then I was told that Mama Zeny’s relatives from America, Spain, and Britain will follow the events via the internet. Those people who were in abroad were crying when the coffin opened and closed for the final time… as if they were attending the funeral in person.

Our clan is known to be extremely clannish and this fact was proven anew. From our small baranggay in Tanauan, Batangas, people planed in from Cagayan de Oro and Antique, and traveled far across Laguna, Mindoro, Manila, and to whatever place they came from just to pay their last respects. The cameramen will be tasked to create a MTV remembering the event we just witnessed.

We love Mama Zeny.

She will be missed.