Marianas Trench

Lucky you if I’m talking about Marianas Trench... that big gaping hole filled with water in the Pacific.

This version is just me ranting on how some people need to buy a belt!

I was wandering a few moments ago when I saw a friend. We talked and little did I know that I was SPOTTING A HUGE GAPING BLACK HOLE ADJACENT TO WHERE WE SIT!

Am I that happy to see an ass?

Am I happy to see fat homo’s ass!?!?

Oh wait… he’s not a homo… SHE’S JUST A WOMAN THAT LOOKS LIKE A GAY MAN!!!

Yes, we call buttcracks (my office friends) because some people don’t know it and some people hate to understand things that require thinking.

I honestly don’t think this is peeping… although well, it’s pretty much like that. I just think that some people are forgetting the importance of wearing a belt. I don’t tuck my shirt in and I wear big t-shirts to protect my self in exposing my buttcracks but dammit, I still wear a belt because I know that my fat ass has the possibility to expose itself the moment I reach under something or I merely sit in a non-erect manner. It’s like those hot girls that get pissed when some heinous prick adores their bottom to the point. This is easy. Showing off means telling people to look at them! If you don’t others to look at your boobs, resist wearing plunging necklines! If you have people thinking of dropping dimes on your ass, WEAR A BELT.

I know for a fact that most chicks like to show off but ugly fat guys and big-boned old ladies should be restrained from doing such.

But really, I don’t care. Either wear something big or wear a belt.

That’s where shit comes out you know.

Dammit, just by a belt.


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