NXT Season Finale thoughts

The first season of NXT is over.

I am guessing that the rookies will find their selves in the WWE main event scene.

You’re thinking “no”.


You’re still saying “no”.

Enhancement talent?

First of all, except for the non-exciting matches and the horrible parlor games, I can say that NXT was successful. My only qualm is it was predictable… and tiring. In Day One, it was cast in stone that either Daniel Bryan or Wade Barrett would win NXT. Then Bryan found himself in a shitty losing streak, so we expected Barrett to take the cake… and he did. As for Bryan, fans hated WWE for making Bryan lose all of his matches.

Looking back however, it did garner perfect sense. It was actually one of the best storylines we have seen all year. It also handed out great promo deliveries from Bryan, The Miz, and Michael Cole. Unlike others, I will not murder Cole for his shortcomings. I am a Smackdown fan and I love the Cole-Tazz tandem from way back. Sad to say though, he shouldn’t be on Raw because Cole is a play-by-play guy and Raw has more drama than matches. Bryan will be eventually “signed” by Raw and will continue to feud with The Miz and hopefully, Cole (remember when Jerry Lawler was a heel and Bret Hart was a face and whenever Lawler was announcing he’ll diss the whole Hart family). Add Alex Riley to his list of possible feuds. Miz was the only PRO returnee for the second season of NXT and that’s to further the storyline that he will have with Bryan (Miz getting the rookie he’ll love that is basically Bryan’s total opposite). Behind the wimpy, maroon trunks, Bryan fashioned out a very, VERY effective debut. In Raw, he’ll further get out of anonymity by unleashing a submission move that his opponents can’t wiggle out off. The heel hook he’s been doing looks well, but it never made anyone tap out.

Now CATTLE MUTILATION… if he busts that move, then people will mark… and Bryan will become a star!

As for the other characters of NXT, I hope I get to see Barrett, David Otunga, and Justin Gabriel with their respective mentors. Matt Hardy can still help Gabriel until either Gabriel thinks he’s gotten better than Hardy or Hardy turns heel because of the reaction Gabriel is getting. Otunga will get pissed at R-Truth for teaching him wrong and blast him in Raw. Yes, he’ll likely join Raw because Otunga needs to hide his awful ring work and Raw’s two-minute matches should do the trick.

Barrett will likely tag around Chris Jericho en route to the championship match he earned by winning NXT. Jericho will act as Shawn Michaels and Barrett will play as Diesel and then Barrett will betray Jericho when Jericho all of sudden gets a championship belt. Barrett is a few live events away from becoming an upper midcard treat. He has the mic skills, the ring skills, and the swagger to perform on high-level competitions.

Sadly at this point, the rest of the batch would find their selves in Superstars or in the main shows, acting as glorified enhancement talents to the main event stars. Skip Sheffield and Mike Tarver needs to start a tag team while Darren Young needs to get out of that ugly ring gear. Yes, he resembles John Cena… but no, at least Cena doesn’t look like a goof.

Heath Slater? He is so bland. He is like Sheamus… but un-Irish!

With NXT Season 2 quickly happening, expect a lot of NXT wrestlers going back to developmental, getting released, or getting buried.

Wrestling might be fake… this competition may be fake… but whoever the crowd gets roaring will easily win management.

Getting a favorable position from your work of choice… is so FN real.

Game over.


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