Pee and Politics

A rabbit peed near my keyboard.

Yes… an actual rabbit with pointy ears and stuff.

Raise your hands if this has ever happened to you… ever.

But why am I still grinning?

I changed my website’s look! While it could pose problems if checked out using a low-tech internet explorer, I like to think of this as a temporary setback to the hotness it would exude.

By the way – with the elections over and Noynoy Aquino winning the presidential race via landslide – I would like to thank Manny Villar for his valiant effort. Despite Noynoy’s destiny, he tried hard to change the stars and use it to his favor.

I like how he used his money to purchase commercial airtime. A TVC’s rate is nothing to laugh at. A primetime spot could be worth almost half a million. Manny Villar has reportedly spent over four billion pesos in his attempt to win the people. Here is one of his ever-so-famous ads.

If Manny Villar can’t win the elections, surely his commercials can win an Araw Award. An Araw Award is given to an attention-grabbing TVC. It can be dramatic, comedy, inspiring, and even political. Surely he can score a win if he puts one of his plugs in the race.

Sure, there are still a lot of people hating him.

But you can’t forget the fact that the 2010 presidential race became more entertaining because of his commercials.

Look – if I voted – I’d probably choose Noynoy Aquino. So what’s with my love for this guy?

Well maybe because of those political ads, the company I work for got major cash flow and gave us bonuses?

This is why I am thankful to every politician that had a TV ad.

By the way, no thanks to Jamby.

All that money and she handed out merely fashionable wristbands?

No wonder a disqualified contender got more votes than her.

Game over.


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