Finally there is a new boss in town.

For the first time in nine years, this boss doesn’t have a vagina.

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo will abdicate her throne come June 12 as this will be the time Noynoy Aquino steps in as the NEW President of the Philippines. He was just proclaimed mere hours ago. Noynoy will be the man that will follow Ninoy and Cory Aquino’s footsteps while Jejomar Binay would try to make the vice prez post respectable once more.

Better get used to all the jokes about Noynoy’s hair, smoking, mental condition, capability, playstation, GARRULOUS LITTLE SISTER, and every crap that would be thrown at him in his six years of “bliss”. I will be rooting for him to succeed but I might say a little about his incompetence if the first two years of his government result to coup d'états.

By the way, the last thing he should do is insert random entertainers to government posts. I can’t stand rumors surrounding Noynoy’s attempt to lure Boy Abunda, Dingdong Dantes, the kid named "Santino" and other showbiz stars to the Optical Media Board and the MTRCB. If this is true, then how will people take his government seriously?

If the last two administrations brought us instability, Noynoy needs to learn from these “mistakes”. I thought Joseph Estrada did an average job as president. He came to the scene amidst the economic crisis that laid waste on the whole Southeast Asia. However, the biggest debacle of this brandy-drinking head of state is his inability to choose loyal supporters. Not only did it kill his stature, it also factored to him getting the boot out of Malacanang. In the case of Gloria Arroyo, her spawns and the one that fathered her spawns were her biggest thorns. Sure, she had the EDSA tres, the Hello Garci tape, the Jose Pidal scandal, the ZTE, and all the other scandals her government engulfed. The fact that she still managed to keep her job means she has staying power. But this could have been easier to swallow if she didn’t have an “mini-Erap clone” as a husband. Her marriage was in question during her tenure and his kids aren’t any help as well.

Mikee Arroyo’s interview by Arnold Clavio just made the rest of the spawns a tad laughable.

So for Noynoy, his FAMILY and FRIENDS should be in check.

If you need to do a secret battle plan, do the right thing and NOT TELL IT TO KRIS!

I have a good feeling that Noynoy will do a remarkable job but as soon as he starts his government, the better the chances he’ll make the Aquino legacy proud.

Game over.

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