San Miguel's Triple Threat

“Oh My God! That Artadi guy is sooo mayabang!!! Good thing na-technical sya.. Ndi nman sya kagalingan.. Akala mo kung sinong super magaling.."

You know there’s something wrong with San Miguel when stuff like this happens.

Broadsheets blurted Gabe Freeman’s drug use. Let’s make things clear – I am for legalized marijuana. I don’t know why… but Hawaiians think its great medicine. What I’m not “high” about is discipline. A basketball career doesn’t end when the game ends. You are a basketball player until your contract expires. Freeman must have thought that PBA don’t figure in random drug tests.

Sorry boy, but you picked the wrong time to get high.

The Beermen went from cloud nine to six feet under in a matter of weeks. After winning 10 of their first 11 games, San Miguel has lost four of their last five outings. During their last two games, Freeman had a “fever”. Well he’s hot alright… too hot that he could be headed back to the States.

By the way, I picked him as my import in PBFANTASY this week. Whoop-dee-do… I saw my chance to win my league go down the drain.

And then there’s Valerie Concepcion. You see as of last month, the item that’s Valerie Concepcion and Dondon Hontiveros isn’t really one. Face it, the only basketball-showbiz personality that mattered these days are the love team of James Yap and Kris Aquino (although I remembered years back when Lowell Briones dated B-movie queen Rita Magdalena). Anyway, during the June 6 game that pitted San Miguel against the B-MEG Llamados, Valerie was riled up when BMEG spitfire Paul Artadi taunted Freeman.

Could this taunt sparked Freeman’s weed need?

Anyway, Valerie tweeted the aforementioned message which sparked a lot of Artadi fans. For some insane reason, Artadi has a strong girly fanbase. I actually like Artadi when he plays like a blur, using his speed to score fast breaks and switching gears to unload his highly-improved long distance arsenal. However, I never knew that he took his UAAP fanbase with him when he arrived in the PBA.

Valerie apologized.

"Para matapos na ito.. Sorry sa mga na-offend sa comment ko.. But I believe that EVERYONE is entitled to his/her own opinion.. Case closed! ☺...Sa mga naasar coz nayabangan ako kay Artadi, kanya-kanyang opinion lng yan.. Respetuhan lng tyo.. ☺ Don't worry, we're friends off-court.. ☺"

Now San Miguel will have only two problems to worry about.

Their import situation will matter when their coaching situation worsens. Despite lording over their opponents not named Talk N Text, the Beermen is seen to be searching for a new breed of mentoring to replace Siot Tanquingcen. I was actually thinking that it’s Ginebra with Robert Jaworski representing the brand anew following that Manny Pacquiao Ginebra TVC. Last outing it seems like current San Sebastian coach Ato Agustin is getting auditioned for the job. From the looks of things I could be seeing current UST coach Pido Jarencio following suit.

Who knows, maybe Art dela Cruz, Juno Sauler, Koy Banal, and the other assistant coaches from the SMC teams will take shots before the SMC bigwigs proclaim a winner.

The loser of this situation – NOT Dondon Hontiveros. He’d be insane if he dumps Valerie.


Except when she becomes a whiner, a nagger, and a foul-mouthed jezebel.

Studies show that men hate this.

I wonder why women can’t see this.


The actual losers? The fans that could be dreading for a coaching change… import change… or a personnel change. For all we know, they could be trying to claim the other top players that haven’t been signed by a SMC team.

Anywho, I wonder if Gabe Freeman will play on their next game?

Maybe a new import? Paired with a new coach? With Valerie Concepcion still cheering them on?

I hope so.

Game over.


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