Sausagefest 2k10 Teaser: No Signal

Every year (well… almost every year), our gang goes off to some getaway to explore the places where traces of technology are scarce.

This year, we chose to go to Anawangin – a place where there is literally no cellphone coverage, no cottage accommodations, and no electricity what’s-so-ever.

Seven adventurers manned up to face life away from the beauty of DOTA and whatever crap people are doing in the internet to make their life complete. We call it Sausagefest because we go to a random place and show off our manhood by providing the needs of the "camp" and berating freeloaders that act all "girly".

For the characters involved: Sorry it took me a while to place things on my site (which you would or would not approve) but I am addicted on playing this new game called Adobe: After Effects.

Anyway, a teaser is a type of plug/commercial meant to entice the viewers to watch the whole show by dishing out hanging statements or cryptic messages that would probably unravel the events concerning the show.

In this teaser, I’m just literally showing off.

Note to people: it was cold there.

Game over.


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