Take it... Take it... to the afterlife

Remember that Yoyoy Villame song about the 1994 Manila Film Festival?

It goes a little something like this:

“Take it, take it… Babajee…”

Her devious distinction also caused a certain long-chinned person to have stage name…

…Although it was more of a homage to Babalu than to Babajee.

Anyway, she was one of the faces that stuck when the Philippines hosted the 1994 Miss Universe beauty pageant. Amongst the popular beauties then were 1993 Miss Universe winner Dayanara Torres (Aga Muhlach’s ex), Philippines’ Charlene Gonzales (Aga Muhlach’s wife). 1994 Miss Universe winner Sushmita Sen, Australia’s Michelle Van Eimeren, and Belgium’ eye candy Cristelle Roelandts.

She’s the chick on the pic.

You must be VERY happy right now.

Anyway, like Michelle, Charlene, and Dayanara, former Miss Mauritius Viveka Babajee also tried her luck in making it big as a Philippine actress. Because of the popularity of the pageant, she became an instant celebrity. This was the time when beauty queens like Charlene, Michelle Aldana, Anjanette Abayari, Dindi Gallardo, Janine Barredo, and those other sexy hotties can become leading ladies… especially in action movies.

All of a sudden, she’s a viable person enough to present the prestigious Best Actor plum in the 1994 Manila Filmfest scandal. I can still remember how Gretchen Baretto looked extremely staggered when for some insane reason, Babajee forgot to understand the letters of the English alphabet.

When the scandal broke out and Lolit Solis, Gabby Concepcion, Ruffa Gutierrez, among others were placed in the hot seat, Babajee took the next plane out of Manila (Mayor Alfredo Lim wanted her to be tried alongside the others in this deceit case). Who knows if she did return to perhaps clear her name? But how could she – the camera was in the right spot as she tried to hide the envelope! When she flew out, the only news about her was the scandal, and the song that Yoyoy made…

That is, until now.

Her lifeless body was seen hanging below a ceiling fan. A suicide note was also spotted. Neighbors reported that they smelled gas or some ghoulish stench from her place which prompted them to call the police.

She moved from Mauritius to India where she became a popular actress-model. She had a condom ad and a Kama Sutra guide or something. Anyway she was part of Bollywood’s charm until depression ruined her.

She’ll probably take her act in the afterlife.

Maybe she could ask Yoyoy who’s also in the afterlife to give his novelty tune a “Bollywood” feel.

Game over.


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