Wrong time to debut this father-daughter team up?

Who ever thought that June was the perfect time to premiere Pinoy flicks in cinemas must be insane.

Can the love of a father and daughter withstand Kung-Fu, a bunch of moving toys, outlaws, renegades, a prince, a giant dog, four annoying socialites, and a girl torn between a vampire and a werewolf?

By the way, please women of all ages… just watch Twilight with your lady friends. My GF hates the movie but I pity those guys that will lose 100 manhood points for getting dragged helplessly to that spot... wait... to that 3D spot.

This day…

This day is something I wish to forget.

This is the wrong time for thinking too much.

I’m not going to write heavy things right now.

I want to.

But I’d rather not.

I can see the ratings dip right now.

Maybe to save it, I’ll say a random celebrity and put her pic beside it, and tag a lot of sentences to explain her awesomeness.

Hey, Charice Pempengco is something these days. After that Alvin in the Chipmunks cameo, she’ll have a recurring role in Season Two of Glee. Am I surprised? Yeah… actually, I am. There are a lot of Pinoys saying they are successful Hollywood stars but all they have are art films. Others are doing crappy roles and are hell-bent to resurrect their pledging careers.

Charice will follow the footsteps of Lou Diamond Philips, Tia Carrere, and Rob Schneider. Unlike these folks though, Charice is a Filipina that emerged out of the spotlight via the internet. This led to her appearances in Ellen, Oprah, and that Chipmunks squeak-well. I think she’ll do well in Glee.


Screw it.

I’m just going to think of a better and CUTER celebrity to talk about.

Have any of you noticed the KC Concepcion, Gabby Concepcion, and Jericho Rosales movie? I noticed that their film is now showing. I don’t know the premise of the movie, nor will I like or unlike the flick.

Oh wait… this just in. The flick is called I’ll Be There.

Lemme guess… it came from a hit song that’s being revived?

Like I said, I have nothing against the movie.

It’s just when my GF and I were about to watch The Karate Kid in Trinoma, I thought the film missed out on something that’s sacred.

Did anyone notice what this film is up against?

Yes, I thought the flick has a potential to draw more audiences had not it pitted itself with those Hollywood heavyweights. It never helped that KC has been on some sort of a hiatus in terms of drama. She’s doing hosting chores but people need to see her cry since that is her bread and butter. Anywho, the flick batched itself with big-budget films like The Killers, The A-Team, The Karate Kid, Toy Story 3, and Letters to Juliet.

Wait… I am forgetting something.

Oh I remember.

Remember when Sex in the City 1 was watched by many, many people? Unfortunately the sequel didn’t fare well in Metro Manila because of the big movies that debuted. And here’s the bad part – because before those flicks were Shrek 4, Prince of Persia, Marmaduke, and Robin Hood. Straight ahead come flicks like The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Knight and Day, and that monster hit that would make girls and gays giggle with glee Twilight: Eclipse. In other words, I’ll be There will probably see itself getting watched via DVD, pirated DVD, or Cinema One. The best thing the flick could offer is by getting acclaim in other parts of the country and the world.

It could have worked better if the film had an established love team or a play date that started a months before these American summer films stormed the capital. And why is there a barrage of foreign films hitting our scene? Shouldn’t there be a branch to regulate the influx of foreign films to save our movie industry?

But maybe it’s just me but it would be so very wrong if the film tells the people that the film destroyed box-office records.

If this wasn’t their movie, I’ll probably see these celebs also watching the other flicks. But just like that saying goes… love your own.

Now that’s a better celebrity to pick out.

I feel totally relieved that I stopped myself for going to the Glee route.

Will this score a bucket-load of hits?

Game over.


  1. govt need to have some type of regulation that will control the showing of foreign movies in our country...it is really killing our movie industry...not sure what kind..but one that comes to mind is: not allowing foreign films to be shown too close to a play date of a local movie...example...if a tagalog movie is to be shown...have a foreign movie shown a month after....or 3 weeks after...or before....

    by the way...about to watch this movie (I’ll be there)...reviews are not so bad...so im hoping to satisfy the movie buff in me...thanks for a wonderful...insightful blog...

  2. whoever you are, i agree. while you'll love the foreign flicks, you can't argue the fact that this is killing our movie industry. films like emir, went unseen because of the tremendous overkill of us flicks.

    the only way the movie industry can gain money is through the mmff.

    that's not fair.

  3. Mula nang namatay ang pelikulang Pilipino, nawalan na ng trabaho ang mga tulad naming stuntman na nakaka-extra sa mga de-kalidad na action movie. Nasaan na ang mga direktor tulad ni RonRick? Nasaan na ang mga action stars tulad nina Derek Dee at Ronald Gan?

    Dapat din nating buhayin ang mga artistic na penekula, tulad ng mga gawa ni Rico Mambo. Ilang artists nga ba ang nadiskubre sa mga pelikulang ito? Ang softdrink beauties? Ang alak beauties? Nagahasa ko rin ang ilan sa kanila sa aking paganap na goon sa pelikula.

    Ngayon, minsan na lang akong maka-extra sa pelikula, puro low-budget indie films na ang tema para ring sa action movies. Minsan na rin lang akong makagahasa sa pelikula, puro low-budget indie films din lang. Wala pa naman akong ibang alam gawin kundi ang humarap sa kamera at umarte sa pelikula.

    Di ba, napakalaki ng kontribusyon ng pelikulang Pilipino sa ating lipunan. Binubuksan ng mga pelikulang ito ang kamalayan ng ating mamayan. Kaya tunay na nakapagtataka kung bakit hindi tayo makasabay sa mga banyagang pelikula.

    Kung magkakaroon ng regulasyon tungkol sa pagpapalabas ng mga Hollywood movie, dapat na rin sigurong magkaroon ng regulasyon tungkol sa pagkakaroon ng mga International Filmfest sa Pilipinas. Kung wala nang pagpipiliian ang mga manonood, mapipilitan silang tangkilikin ang pelikulang Pilipino! Ito na marahil ang unang hakbang tungo sa Bagong Lipunan!

  4. yung action sequences ba sa mga andrew e movies ay masasabing action?