I did my best “coach” impersonation and we finished third place.

We finished fourth last year.


The semifinal games happened last July 24. Unfortunately bad weather postponed the match but since we can’t restart the match as it was 2:41 left in the third quarter, we came on July 31, at around 9am

Yes, I managed to drag my skin out of bed to catch the action at 9am…

… Looking to change the 14-point deficit the other team has blasted us for a come from behind victory en route to the final.

However, we failed to make the stops to erase the lead. Add the fact that we only had six players compared to their twelve… we were battling fatigue and stress. 12 minutes of full-court and half-court press were enough to drain our energies. We finished the game in the losing end 81 to 65, and it relegated us to the battle for third place.

We waited for a little under four hours to play the third place match.

We had to watch the volleyball finals.

And it was testosterone heaven.

Well… no actually.

Have you seen a couple of 6-feet gigantic gay gays wearing skimpy outfits?!?

Anyway, the third place watch had former PBA courtside reporter and current GMA News reporter Lala Roque and former Bagets star and former FHM cover Mama Eula Valdez on opposite ends of the spectrum. Watching Eula and Lala play reminded me of Star Olympics.

For a minute, I thought I was watching Snacku Green battling Tide White!

We like to think gays don’t have oomph when they battle their boy-boyfriends but when you see them whacking those volleyballs like they were Viva Hot Men’s asses’ makes you cringe in fear! Even the smallest of them can wallop the ball like some sort of evil Japanese Spitz or something! Eula's team claimed the third place as they dominated Lala's team two sets to nil.

When it came to the third place match of the basketball games though, we led by five points in the end of the first quarter which became seven by halftime... and then it ballooned with a high of 32 in the third quarter before settling to an 84 to 55 winning margin. I thought I read some of the other team's antics on the money although I don't really look at it as a feat especially since their offense was one-dimensional.

The other team had a couple of incredible outside shooters but there were a couple of problems in their system namely, 1) their guards can’t dribble well, 2) they lack inside offense, and 3) they had no answers for our fast breaks. For the duration of the tournament, we had been on fights, and our ref-bashing words have been an everyday thing. Even if they tried to invent infractions, our vent-up rage for losing the third place game were enough to defeat them.

We received a 2,000 peso cash prize which was spent at the Baliwag restaurant in Visayas Avenue.

While it was not the happy ending we hoped for, at least we improve on our standing. Eight players (two players were added in the afternoon game) played for the team that games and perhaps we need to iron out the kinks for next year’s squad. We lost only one game this year and at least our losing margin was trimmed down from 25 (in the two games we lost last year) to 16!

We are still in need of a big guy (our frontline is capable but we lack depth at this position) and a capable backup point guard but at least we have 70 percent of the squad with a thirst for winning.

Last year, I didn’t want to return as coach (I have been carrying the assistant coach tag because I just want to be the guy that takes out the players when they need to rest) but I can’t say this for next year. Hopefully they find a coach that didn’t learn playmaking through playing NBA Live but if I return next year, I want a big guy that can run for fifteen minutes nonstop and a point guard or a small forward that can shoot outside jumpers.

Game over.

I made the TVC and I seriously think you need to watch the special because their drive to the Olympics is starting to rev up!

Sure Team Pilipinas placed fourth in a 7-team contingent, but you are extremely dumb if you’re thinking that this is the farthest that they’ll accomplish.

As of this moment, Rabeh Al-Hussaini, RJ Jazul, and Rey Guevarra are contemplating on joining the PBA Draft. Chances-wise, I see Rabeh as a top acquisition. Jazul and Guevarra both have PBL and NCAA credentials but I like Jazul’s chances of surviving more in the PBA since Guevarra was injured most of the time when Team Pilipinas was regularly threading international waters.

Kelly Williams is set to join the team in the coming Asian Games with Ryan Reyes, Sol Mercado, Sonny Thoss, and Asi Taulava also in the shortlist. Once K-Will joins the fray expect a lot of awesomeness for Team Pilipinas. With Mark Barroca as the only real point guard in their roster, the addition of Reyes will prove vital. The size issue will be solved by Taulava and Thoss however, it has yet to be determined if they’ll be part of the team in the long run.

You can get the low down of their Taiwan journey at these dates only on GMA Pinoy TV.

PDT 12:05PM – EDT 3:05PM – HAWAII 9:05AM


UAE 3:35PM – KSA 2:35PM – ITALY 1:35PM

And here is the sneak peak!

Game over.

Today we celebrate the first death anniversary of Corazon C. Aquino.

Her death sparked a lot of changes... most specifically regarding the government.

Mar Roxas and Manny Villar were the top dogs of the 2010 presidential race before her death. From there it was Noynoy Aquino who became the champion of the masses – maintaining super leads in the surveys that eventually became real when May 10 approached.

Hopefully the country becomes at least united when her son’s term ends. It is no secret that just like his mother, Noynoy’s government is a mere transition which aims to clear out the crap the past administration created so that the next president of the country will create a better Philippines (Like the former Marcos to Cory to Ramos equation). However, we hope that at least Noynoy can improve the country in some ways. I think people are forgetting that Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s 9-year reign can’t be destroyed in a month after his inauguration.

For one he needs to shut those rallyists up. Sure, they have the right to speak their mind but you can do that without annoying the fuck out of people! I want to sympathize with them but these twerps can’t be pleased! During SONA, they marched and paraded which caused traffic in Commonwealth… which was understandable.

What’s deplorable though is that they whine and whine and whine but it is okay for them to mess the metro with their vandalisms, litter, and ramblings that doesn’t make sense… AT ALL!

I also think that our concrete jungle is “too concrete” to my liking. Flyovers and Overpasses reign supreme in our lands (attention Villar's C5 project) that trees became scarce (attention MMDA). How I envy the UP Ikot route because they wave trees which gives out a cool breeze that we “city folks” miss.

Anywho, as we ride on the winds of change, may your spirit guide us in search of a better Philippines.

Game over.

I have seen this in cyberspace.

Yes I am part of the 11 million that seen this clip.

Evilbrain gave this to me yesterday.

I declined this and asked him to give me other things because I have seen this already.

He never replied again.

I never got a new set of videos to display in my site.

And dammit, I have been freaking busy!!!

So I’ll post this for the sake of him not getting pissed…

… And since I have been so busy that I can’t do my usual three articles per day stand!

Game over!

Welcome to the first installment of Take That.

My friend (I said friend so stop cussing me), the human barf Jorge and I had a discussion a few days back about “what if’s”. No, we didn’t talk about life in general because that would extremely suck (be seriously gay) but basically we talked about Pinoy Pop Culture.

We went on a conclusion that during those moments that Robin Padilla was in GMA, all manly programs should have featured him! Robin after all was THE MAN for a lot of gawky male teenagers. He can do no wrong after Bad Boy, Utol Kong Hoodlum, and Maging Sino Ka Man (Just like Aga Muhlach). Hell, even his dramatic exploits are well received by the male audiences!

We did agree that not all roles could be filled in by Robin Padilla (and this will be explained when this series inflicts damaged on my page views). So anyway, here was the first point of suggestion if a deranged gust of wind shook off history.

By the way, I don’t really know a lot of ABS programs. This is not me being biased (GMA rules!). I watch Showtime and Trip na Trip… I just don’t watch “the other side” of things.

Game starts now!


Take Two is basically a breakdown on all the things that happened during the “Network War Era”. There were a lot of hits created by this “phenomenon” but there were moments that it could have been better.

Time to check out Memory Lane… or the altered version of it!


Disclaimer: Imagine this was a week after Marimar ended.

Shaider was loved by fans because of two things: Alexis’ blue jacket and Annie’s panties.

I believe this should have been the perfect vehicle for the Dingdong Dantes-Marian Rivera love team.

Sure, Dyesebel was done to further enforce Marian’s growing star power then but they would have further bolstered Zaido if they made Dingdong Alexis and Marian as the hot Annie. I believe this is a better follow-up to their monster hit Marimar because it takes Marian out of the “water” element and…

Imagine the cuteness and the sexiness Marian will bring to that character.


Because the thing is this: except for Dennis Trillo, the star power was lacking in Zaido. Aljur and Kris blossomed as primetime watchables in All My Life which was roughly two years after Zaido. The fact it looked like Bioman when the show ended meant that the trio didn’t look strong enough to spike the ratings. Do I need to remember the “mini-Zaido” phase? That was forgettable. Also, the three “Pulis Pangkalawans” concept sucks. This was the major revolt purists had with the story. One lead Zaido would have been enough to combat Fuuma Le-Ar. Actually, Dennis could have carried the series by his lonesome… but

…Imagine Marian’s quirkiness and Dingdong’s cockiness?

That could have been awesome!

Just because she’s playing Annie doesn’t mean Marian is playing second fiddle. In fact, Annie was the heart of the original series. Give Marian and Dingdong the chemistry the guys from Nathan Fillion's Castle (or on a lesser extent Lie to Me) have! Let Dingdong do combat in the suit as Marian fly in and out of the frame just like what Annie was doing in the original series. If people want to see Marian’s beautiful body just like that legendary scene where she faced off with Katrina Halili in Marimar, have her fight the Amazonas in a swimsuit just like in the original series.

That would seriously encourage ratings spike!

One thing the original lacked was the love story element and this is where we Filipinos are great at. Give Alexis and Annie tension. Give Annie a human suitor that turns out to be Amazonang Itim (hot lesbian action) or make Alexis a chick magnet that Annie would get pissed at! Annie can be palengkera or stoic and it would look cool as long as the Alexis character is the polar opposite of the chick.

Seriously, that would have been awesome.


Take Zero is a “what if” I tried to perceive if some exec tries to re-make a show.


There is one actor in my head that can play this role well. Vhong Navarro has the ability to give justice to the tough-as-nails professor. He already had action star roles (even if you can’t really say X44 is an action movie) and he is gold in delivering punchlines. The problem is, he is not that “astig” enough.

Which brings me to THE MAN.

Imagine Robin Padilla as your teacher. He’ll make students study using violence, he’ll hit on the teachers, and he’ll pretty much destroy public property. But in this bad boy image, we know he is the good guy. There would be stunts, goons, blood, and gore which will pretty look abysmal with the addition of hot profs and comedy. Except for Asian Treasures, Robin has been too serious in his TV roles and this could be the perfect avenue to exploit his humorous side. Last time I checked, GMA owns the rights to GTO and last time I channel surfed, Robin and Vhong are in the other station.

You took this. Now tell me what you think?

Until next time!

Game over!

One time, my officemates and I were hanging out in our company’s gazebo.

Amidst our talking, we stumbled on something – how does hot chicks’ shit smells like.

Then we enumerated a lot of hot chicks and how their feces should smell like. I can’t really elaborate on this but they are either too racy or too perverted.

I am so industrious today that I almost forgot to feed my pet blog.

So I’ll shower it with love by feeding it with Pinoy epic flip-hop via Flip-Top.

I never knew this existed. If censorship never existed, this could be a good concept for a show. It’s amazing to see a couple of fast mouths engaging in a rap battle… especially if it’s Filipino.

My office tried to do a rap battle inside the office but it wasn’t a coincidence that they failed.

Anyway, here was the rap battle that I liked from the combustion of epic oratory that through online I witnessed.

I like how the Target person did his thing but the witty comebacks seemed like the Dello dude’s specialty which is basically the reason why he ruled the match.

Anyway, it was fun seeing Pinoy rap battles because it is funnier than US rap battles which is pretty much black culture. The most awesome sight I saw amongst rap battles sadly came from the Eminem movie, 8 Mile so this was refreshing.

I don’t like R&B but this shit I can dig!

Maybe I’ll try to hunt down something like this to check out the sites and hopefully catch a great rap battle.

On a related note, I think I have friends that can do battles awesomely… like Jorge and Bajie. Bajie is the bald guy here while Jorge was the curly, fat guy that sports an equally curly face pube.

While this is not a rap battle… hell, I think they can go head-to-head with the stuffs we just witnessed.

But then again…

Game over.

I am not sure yet if I can read the minds of the PBA selection committee. And this won’t be a lengthy read since I will reserve my energies when I tabulate my stats before Game 1 of the Finals. However, I know how to determine the players that played awesome all-season long and I will be seriously shocked if I don’t see their names at the awards ceremony.

Without further adieu…

JAMES YAP – B-Meg won the Philippine Cup and they are currently tied with Alaska for the most games in the Fiesta Cup. More games and more accolades mean a sure slot in the Mythical 5. But don’t be shocked if he wins the MVP award because he is basically the only source of local offense at the B-Meg camp especially with the absence of Kerby Raymundo. He’ll definitely lock the award if he manages to lead the Llamados to the Finals.

GABE NORWOOD – Remember when Rain or Shine can’t get a break at the start of the Philippine Cup? Sure Sol Mercado’s onslaught paved the way for the Elasto Painters to win the wildcard rounds, but it was Gabe who was with the team during their triumphs and hardships. He leads or is second in the team in most departments. The only problem is that Norwood will never win the MVP award because ROS never saw semifinal action.

LA TENORIO – If there is one person with an outside chance to spoil Yap’s second MVP plum, it’s definitely this guy. The luckiest Atenean this season is making waves with his brilliance in delivering the goods for the Aces. But while he is impressive this season, he needs divine intervention to score the feat. I am guessing that Alaska needs to advance to their second consecutive finals appearance and San Miguel must find a way to trash B-Meg.

ARWIND SANTOS – This guy has an awesome all-around game that people are shocked when his points, rebounds, assists, steals, or blocks dip to zero-point-something. The guy is a stat magnet and doing this in a talent laden team makes you wonder how much stat can he consume if he was a member of Barako or Sta. Lucia. However, the talent-laden SMB squad did pinch something from him, especially this Fiesta Conference. His numbers are down especially in the points and rebounds.

KELLY WILLIAMS – Machine Gun Kelly is always dominant. However unlike past seasons, 2010 was weird for Kelly. He just came from a career-threatening illness and when he came back, he needed to carry a talent-starved Sta. Lucia squad to victory. During the Fiesta Cup, Kelly was the talk of the trading block and true to the rumor, he saw himself moving to Team Pilipinas via Talk N Text – a team that would love his services but wouldn’t be solely depended on his services.

Aside from these five, I can see Joe Devance, Sol Mercado, Roger Yap, Macmac Cardona, Willie Miller, Marc Pingris, Cyrus Baguio, Jimmy Alapag, and Ranidel de Ocampo.

I can definitely see Devance or de Ocampo surprising people as a first team citation because of the fact that Williams and Santos aren’t really known as centers for their respective squads.

I’ll finalize this when the semifinals end.

Game over.

As a Rejoice endorser, we probably more or less loved Kim Chiu’s Kering-keri TVC.

After all, these commercials were enough elements to launch her as an endorsing juggernaut.

Sadly the commercials she had aren’t witty. If it wanted to be witty… it just failed miserably. The problem with the ad agencies is that they impose restrictions even before they present to the client. However, you can't blame them. After all, it is hard to find a youthful boss willing to shelve out money for a product they believe in. Often you can see a bunch of old geezers whose fear of over-budget is what clouds a potential awesome TVC.

Then I accidentally stumbled on this Rejoice plug from somewhere in Asia.

Good peg.

I saw this after I previewed Evilbrain’s Youtube find.

I think Kim can have a witty TVC although you have to be insane getting her to do the same as this TVC.

Maybe a better version…

I think there are a lot of ad agencies out there whose creatives are bold enough to pen an awesome concept and present it to their clients with less prejudice!

Game over.

Okay. It’s time once again for the UAAP Rankings.

Some players got lucky in the early stages of the UAAP.

Then the established veterans started to make their mark.

Four games to the season and we saw a lot of big stars finally debuting (two to be exact)… although some have yet to arrive. Gone from the list were Jerick Canada and Alvin Padilla. We are hoping players like Jeric Teng, Ryan Buenafe, Eric Salamat, JR Cawaling, Emman Monfort, and Yutien Andrada would make their way to the list.

By the way, there is a new number one guy in the rankings.

And if I would conclude this early… why are the bottom teams on top of the rankings?



Just like last week, Ateneo and La Salle’s lack of a dominating star player is evident in the ranks. It seems like JR Cawaling is the other Smart-Gilas player that has yet to debut in the ranks with Magi Sison coming in at number 14. Is he the biggest debut in the power rankings? Not by a longshot.

And speaking of longshots…


10 EAGLES – KIRK LONG (FORMERLY # 8): Ateneo has eight players scoring five points and more and while Long ranks third in scoring, he norms under 10 points. At this point, the Eagles need a scoring sensation and he seriously needs to step up in this role.
STATS: 8.5PPG, 4.5RPG, 3.8APG, 2.0SPG IN 24.8MPG

9 TIGERS – JERIC FORTUNA (NEW ENTRY): Fortuna went berserk in their third game and the Tigers loved it. He plays heavy minutes because of the Tigers lack of bench support. Hopefully he can do well this season so he can establish himself once he decides to go to the PBL.
STATS: 13.8PPG, 3.8RPG, 3.8APG, 1.8SPG IN 33.5MPG

8 MAROONS – MIKE SILUNGAN (FORMERLY # 15): With a beast-like work ethic this Chicago-raised slasher named after arguably the best basketball player that ever lived is notching big time games for the Maroons despite their lack of wins. Hopefully the wins catch on for this guy.
STATS: 14.8PPG, 5.0RPG, 2.8APG, 1.5SPG IN 30.5MPG

7 TAMARAWS – REIL CERVANTES (FORMERLY # 9): He ranks second in points, rebounds, and minutes for his squad and with the results FEU is getting, that’s understandable. One of the senior statesmen of the squad, his contributions to the squad is making the Tams severely mighty.
STATS: 15.5PPG, 6.3RPG, 2.0APG IN 25.8MPG

6 MAROONS – WOODY CO (FORMERLY # 1): His points significantly dropped this week and you can connect the explosions of Silungan and Sison plus the heightened defense he has been attracting on this matter. Still winless, Co needs to break out from his offensive slump.
STATS: 11.3PPG, 6.5RPG, 2.8APG, 1.8SPG, 1.0BPG IN 25.5MPG

5 TAMARAWS – RR GARCIA (FORMERLY # 2): Like Co, Garcia is suffering from an offensive slump. Unlike Co, Garcia could take it easy and let Terrence Romeo go berserk since his team is in the top of the food chain. FEU is easily the best team in the league right now.
STATS: 17.0PPG, 4.0RPG, 2.5APG IN 30.5MPG

4 TAMARAWS – ALDRECH RAMOS (FORMERLY # 5): This Smart-Gilas’ slotman is finding different avenues to showcase his skills. He is still third in the league in rebounds which is great since the team is overloaded with talent. To think he is barely averaging 25 minutes a game!
STATS: 10.5PPG, 9.0RPG, 1.8APG, 1.8BPG IN 23.0MPG

3 BULLDOGS – EMMANUEL MBE (FORMERLY # 4): One COMMENTER pointed out the NU can’t win a championship by adding one Cameroonian. While that can be true, you can’t mess with the fact that people are now weary if their team is facing NU… especially with this double-double addict around!
STATS: 11.8PPG, 12.5RPG, 1.3APG IN 32.0MPG

2 TIGERS – CHRIS CAMUS (FORMERLY # 6): This undersized big man from Santo Tomas is doing a helluva job in making things happen for the Tigers. Jervy Cruz version 2 can easily knock a jump shot, pass to a cutting stalwart, work on the boards and make things better for this height-hungry crew.
STATS: 8.8PPG, 10.8RPG, 3.3APG, 1.3SPG IN 33.8MPG

1 WARRIORS – PAUL LEE (FORMERLY # 3): The highly-talented scorer is a shoo-in for the top spot. That’s well… but not quite. You see, unlike the past three years or so, Lee doesn’t have a Mark Borboran, Pari Llagas, or Elmer Espiritu to depend on. The current frontline of UE is pretty much raw and unstable. UE is knee-deep with slashers and shooters but what they need right now are viable threats a la Kenneth Acibar. For a school known for its keen eye for talent it’s disappointing to see the Cobra Commander in this predicament. Lee is leading in points, rebounds, assists, steals, minutes and worst of all… TURNOVERS! Where is the support???

STATS: 19.3PPG, 7.0RPG, 3.8APG, 1.8SPG IN 29.5MPG

So this ends this ranking for this week. Expect this to strike anew next week… probably with DLSU player in the Top 10 and perhaps a Ryan Buenafe, JR Cawaling, and a Jeric Teng sighting!

Game over!

Perhaps the saddest part of working late is when you hear the Philippine National Anthem glaring at your extremely quiet workplace.

Sad… sad… sad.

I am here for personal matters though. My boys met up in some watering hole to brag about the fine things in life. The only thing I can brag is my enormous manhood… but even that is debatable.

Hey I just returned to work sporting alcohol breath!

That’s is actually enough to jolt my brain!

When I returned from the office, my GF is finishing up on her work.

Then I did something that pissed my off.

I logged in to Twitter.

This… pissed… me… off.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter knows no games that people can enjoy. All it has are 148 or so letters where you can write and plug your rants. How is this a “threat” to the world of office-dom escapes me. Why the hell would you block Twitter?!? Our admin overlords are monsters… monsters I tell you!

What? No lengthy repetitive context?

The reason for this is that I will leave now.

And luckily I wasn’t the last person to live the office.

Game over.

Last Saturday, July 24, I could have gone out with my friends.

I should have gone to my GF’s friend’s shower party.

Or I could have just stayed at my house.

I chose to stay at the comforts of my couch watching TV.

Whoever told you that we are currently experiencing drought needs to walk in the rain.

Last Saturday, I woke up at around 9:30am because I needed to attend the semis matchup that involves our department and the bull-strong engineering department. This is our second consecutive final four appearance in two years which is a feat considering at was just three years ago when our team never had a win. I was reluctant doing head coaching chores so I’m pretty much the guy calling the shots when the playing coach decides to play.

If we had two post up guys that sprints in defense and attacks the rim even if he’s not facing the basket... and has at least the size Noli Locsin and Bong Hawkins that doesn’t come to the game with a hangover, then that would have been more awesome.

During halftime we were up by two, 34 to 32. Unfortunately the engineering team saw the lack of our transition defense and they pounded us on that department. Turnovers were also an issue and if you string that all together, you get an insane 14-point lead with 2:41 left in the third quarter.

The game was postponed to Wednesday night though. Too bad the shaded court of the DAR gym wasn’t really that shaded. When the water began to leak, the game subsequently stopped. After an hour of rain, the games were halted.

I dragged myself out of bed for this?

I carpooled with my officemates until Philcoa. Rains raged the metro like hell... and too bad that I basically went out without anything but my wallet... because I was in for a treat. I was headed to my house when I second-guess whether I should ride a taxi or a jeep. I chose a jeep. Unfortunately that jeep wasn’t headed for Fairview and instead I was stuck on a plight to UP!

Yes, I was that stupid! The side of the jeep is different from the signboard.

I learned that the pretty hard way.

So my drenched self went out of the jeep amidst the rain. Luckily a taxi was there awaiting a customer. I rode the cab. I thought I was embarking on an easy trip home but moments later…

Damn it, there was traffic on the way to my subdivision.

There are only two things that can stop me from my journey to my house – accident or flood.


The driver basically said that I’m on my own and I actually expected that.

I braced 500 meters of slight downpour. There was a slight spike of rain flooring the road which was basically knee-deep and I had to hurdle it for me to sight bliss.

As soon as I flood a tricycle that was en route to my house, I took it. After thirty minutes (twenty of those was staged through walking), I got home. I told my tale to my GF and then I showered and soaped heavily to take out the stench of rainy flood water. This pretty much terrorized what event I should attend in the evening. I'd rather hug my bed than to find myself drenched in the rain.

Man, the weather is so unpredictable these days!

As for the game, with twelve minutes left, he composed of the plan of gung-ho! The five men playing need to sprint ardently from both ends of the court if we want to save our chances to headline the championship game.

Is it an impossible task?



I opened my YM.

This came out.

I don’t know why.

I opened my YM looking for Jorge and I ended up encountering Diarrhea!

Is it just me or does the girl that’s acting in this clip look like Annie from Shaider?

Wait… they all look alike.

Game over.

Buddy En Sol was one of the important Philippine sitcoms in the 90’s. Based loosely on the US sitcom Perfect Strangers, the show managed to bring out the funny with less overacting despite keeping the elements of slapstick. Eric Quizon played the goody-two-shoes city guy while Redford White played the bumbling country boy. Boots Plata was the brain behind the program. In silence I have been clamouring for the duo’s reunion. Situational comedy has been enjoying a comeback of sorts and I thought perhaps the duo can score a deal on one of the three major players.

But alas, it wasn’t meant to be as Redford White (Cipriano Cermeno in real life) succumbed to brain cancer last July 25. He was 54.

He was called the “Pinoy Joe” because he looked like an American citizen even if you talk to him; you find that he is Bisaya. He did a lot of slapstick movies in the 80’s like Rambo Tan-go, Hee-Man, Wrong Rangers, Kumander Anting-Anting, and Captain Yagit. He also caught mainstream fanfare with a slew of films from Star Cinema where he aligned myself with Babalu, Bonel Balingit, and Carding like Isprikitik: Walastik kung Pumitik, Tik Tak Toys: My Kolokotoys, Ala eh… con Bisoy! Hale-hale hoy! Laging Panalo ang mga Unggoy, Tong tatlong tatay kong pakitong-kitong, Haba-baba-doo… Puti-puti-poo, I Do I Die Diyos ko Day, and others.

Tell me: Who was among Donita Rose's leading men? Redford was one of them during "Teacher, teacher I Love You!"

The first recollection I had with the actor was during those Vietnam War B-movies of the 80’s (Delta Force is an example). I call them B-Movies because Viva, Regal, or Seiko for that matter didn’t produce it and it failed to chuck up those big stars. Man, they were so corny but if you think about it, seeing Cachupoy, Don Pepot, Tatlong Pinoy, Palito and Tatlong Itlog alongside Redford in one movie is a “dream team”. During the re-airing of Iskul Bukol in the late 90’s, did I notice that Redford was also a part of the series – he played Mang Temi’s waiter in the canteen where the Iskalera Brothers usually hang out.

The biggest contribution of Redford White in Pinoy Pop Culture was Buddy En Sol. Alongside Gabby Concepcion’s OK ‘Tol and ABC 5’s Dynamite Duo of Wow Mali and Tropang Trumpo, these four basically carved their names in comedy heaven as the popular shows that didn’t came from ABS or GMA. I remembered that it once placed 15th in one time in the overall ratings game with Regal Presents, Palibhasa Lalake, and Eat Bulaga leading the reigns. The show dropped though after RPN’s stupid strategy of changing the show’s timeslot every month (their merchandising was totally nonexistent back then). By the time the show faded though, the duo of Eric and Redford starred in two Buddy En Sol movies and a remake of Lucio and Miguel – whose original stars were Eric’s Dad Dolphy and his perennial partner-in-crime Panchito. Redford joined ABS where he starred in a couple of films (for Star Cinema) and a couple of comedy shows for both networks before he limited himself to mere TV guestings in the late 2000’s. Perhaps the last time I saw him in the big screen was when he cameo-ed in the Iskul Bukol “reunion” movie (the reunion was a mere 20 minutes in the starting point of the movie before it gone “archaeological”). I never saw Palos but he also appeared on that show.

At least he didn’t die poor unlike most of his contemporaries. He was rushed when to St. Luke’s Medical Center earlier in the week and if you look at his house, it is huge and well-furnished. If he didn’t have brain cancer, I bet he’ll be a wonderful comic relief for a random TV series. His comedic timing is impeccable and while he never won acting awards with his performances, he managed to win a bunch of fans that loved Pinoy Pop Culture. We never wanted to see him go but I bet he’s in heaven right now out-funnying Babalu!

Redford will be remembered not only for his pale-white skin but also for his brand of comedy. Doodling further, one trademark in the Buddy En Sol series were their “doubledeck” discussions where Redford will tell an obviously corny joke that would just pissed off Redford.

As if everyone has haven’t done that.

He will be missed.

Rest in peace you albino comedian you!

Game on.

For the foreigners reading my blog, I’m sorry.

This is a rant about something here in the Philippines.


Bating panimula: Puta talaga yang 24/7 taxi na yan! Siguro sila mismo HINDI SUMASAKAY sa mga taxi nila!

Galing ako sa bahay ni Cindy. July 24, 2010. Friday ito... mga ala-una na ng gabi non. Dapat kanina pa ako pauwi kaso tinapos ko pa ang Trip na Trip. Wala ng tricycle kaya tumawag kami ng taxi. Sabi ni Cindy, kontakin ko daw ay BASIC. Pero huling punta ko sa kanila, mabait yung driver ng 24/7. Makwento tapos hindi annoying at garapal kung maningil. Pasig-based din yung taxi kaya naisip ko hindi siya mawawala. Kaya ayon, kinopya ko yung numero sa pintuan nila… and months later, yun ang tinawagan kong taxi sa halip na Basic.

Dumating yung taxi ng 24/7... after thirty minutes. So okay lang yun... at least nandyan siya. Great. Kaso pagsakay ko, napansin ko 65 pesos na ang nasa metro. Okay lang yun iniisip ko kasi tatlong beses ng tumatawag yung operator kasi medyo nakakalito talaga yung lugar nila. We travelled to Shangri-La Edsa and while from 65 the fare ended at 122.50 (the taxi seemed batingting-free), siningil pa nya ako ng 70 pesos more kasi yun daw yung standard pag inarkila yung taxi via their operator.

Putang ina. Ano yun? Naghihintay ako ng punchline pero hindi ito dumating. Seryoso yung mukha niya. Nakangiti pero alam mong may iniisip ng kalokohan. Sure nakaka-bad trip ang plus 70 pesos pero malay mo kung mala-Charles Manson pala tong hayop nato! Sinabi ko sa kanya na “ito ba ang reward ko sa pagpili ng taxi nila”. Sabi niya oo. Pasensya… pero ito raw ang alintuntunin nila.

Putang inang alintuntunin yan.

See, I don’t know how a typical taxi fare really works that’s why it bothered me. Ang alam ko, ang taxi, naghahanap talaga ng sakay yan. Ito nga taxi na ‘to, pag walang sakay, naka-park lang sa mga kalye at parang eng-eng na nagmamakaawa sa mga pasahero na sakyan sila. Painom-inom ng kape… nakikinig ng Yes FM o Barangay LSI o Love Radio… tapos minsan pa tulog! Kung minsan sasakyan ka sa passenger seat, basa at amoy ewan. That’s probably because yun ang pwesto nila noong natutulog. I asked Cindy about this and Basic hands out an additional service charge of 50 pesos as well.

Ang bad trip kasi kung isang normal taxi ride ang ginawa ko, sa halip na two hundred pesos ang babayaran ko... magiging 100 pesos lang.

Complete with a ten-peso tip pa!

It’s not a question of money but merely stating the fact that I hate getting robbed. Okay naman akong pag-tip pag mabait ang driver. Minsan pag saktong 100 ang metro dadagdagan ko pa ito ng twenty pesos. Pero pucha, pag alam kong may mga kupal na silang mino-modus, alisto ako. Akala mo nakatingin ako sa labas ng bintana pero inaabangan ko na ang paggalaw ng metro. Kaya nga pag umiinom ako kasama ng barkada sa Philcoa nako nagpapababa kasi bukod sa mareklamo itong mga colorum nato, babatingtingin ka pa nila para masulit nila ang paghahatid nila sayo.

The two cabs I trust are Reno (since nasa likod lang ng Ever Commonwealth ang garahe nila) and MGE (dahil yun ang official na nakatambay sa harap ng GMA).

And speaking of Reno, wala silang “tawag fee” sa kanilang mga customers. Nalaman ko yun kasi dahil tinanong ko sila. Nalaman ko lalo yun kasi one-time na kailangan kong umalis ng bahay at umuulan, nagpasundo ako sa kanila at wala silang siningil na operator kagaguhan. Kaya nga hindi ko alam na may ganun palang rule eh.

See, yun naman dapat e! Kaya nga sumasakay sa taxi kasi more “special” ang trip ng tao kesa sa jeep, bus, o FX. People trust cabs because they want to feel safe. Pero takte, this is the reason why taxi drivers have bad reputations. Hindi ko na isisingit yung point na pinaalis yung 24/7 sa Shangri-La EDSA kasi nangongontrata sila!

The thing also about big named taxis is they are too sensitive with their reputation. They also have a device that can detect whether or not ang metro ng taxi is too fast or slow. If they found out that your taxi has batingting, they’ll kick you out on the spot. Hindi mo rin dapat pagkatiwalaan ang mga fellow drivers mo about your “batingting” secret. Blame crab mentality for this. You earn more money than them because you’re evil? They’ll rather eject your cheating ass!

Sa sobrang pikon ko sa kanila, mas kinampihan ko si random Tulfo guy (probably Erwin. Mon Tulfo Rules!!!) noong nag-expose siya tungkol sa mga batingting! Naniniwala ako na kind of hipokrito sila sa maraming bagay, pero for that fucking reason, I was laughing my ass off when he was humiliating that poor taxi driver!

MGA TANGINANG TAGA-24/7 YAN! Idadamay ko sana ang Basic pero hindi naman ako nakasakay sa kanila kaya MGA TANGINANG TAGA-24/7 YAN!

By the way, for those keeping tabs on the events, the plate number of the taxi is UVB453. You can call their number at 6423525 if you love pain and you want to try their absolutely fucked up services.

And speaking of crappy taxis? Naisip niyo na ba kung anong nangyari sa Wallis? Ito yung mga taxi from the early 2000’s kung saan laganap ang batingting tapos ginagamit ang mga taxi nila para sa krimen. Allegedly or not, nasira ang reputasyon nila dahil dito.

So what the fuck?

If you have ridden such cabs like Trocadero and Glowing Stone, well... then you rode a Wallis cab.

I HATE 24/7!!! (By the way, my apologies sa pictured taxi na nakuha ko sa net.)

Game over!

One of the best and most important moments in the history of professional wrestling was the turn of Hulk Hogan in favor of NWO.

And then, there’s this new order in town that vaguely resembles the events that unfolded from that pay-per-view.

Here was when Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash, laid waste on every wrestling fan on the planet!

Now here’s the tampered version.

Looks alike right?

Game over.

I don’t even need to even finish the Fiesta Cup semifinals.

The voting system is crap if he lost.

Rico Maierhofer of BMEG is the 2009-10 PBA Season Rookie of the Year!

The 2008 PBA Draft had a lot to offer. This draft is so great in talent. Gabe Norwood and Sol Mercado made Rain or Shine, cellar-dwelling franchise, become title contenders. Jared Dillinger and Jason Castro have become great additions to Talk N Text. First round draftees like Rob Reyes, Mark Borboran, Bonbon Custodio, Beau Belga, and Larry Rodriguez have had their shares of flashes of brilliance.

Even the second round draftees of that batch contributed well for their respective squads like Pong Escobal, TY Tang, and Jeff Chan. One undrafted player, Mark Yee, has become a tenacious and feared player in his position.

This batch sucked though.

The 2009 Draft batch barely made an impact this season. Some players were disappointing while others never caught on. Some were unfortunate also. San Miguel’s first round draft choice was James Sena. When he was picked tenth by the Beermen, his college, the JRU Heavy Bombers was still in title contention which was why he reported late in their training camp. Add the fact that the Beermen are overloaded in every position, you can’t blame San Miguel for cutting him.

Of course everyone that follows the PBA knows about the Japeth Aguilar controversy.

The Rookie of the Year was basically fought by an explosive beanpole capable playing both forward positions but is playing on an overloaded squad and an undrafted player who used his “free agent status” wisely to land on a team that will seriously use his services.


– Technically still a rookie, Gaco became the oldest and most experienced rookie of the batch (Although… his entry to the league couldn’t have been possible if not for Mikee Romero tying up with Barako Coffee).

9 MARCY ARELLANO – The former UE spitfire shared playing time with TY Tang and Don Dulay in Rain or Shine’s PG spot. Hopefully he’ll grow as a player in his sophomore season.

8 KEVIN WHITEJimmy Alapag’s nephew had a ton of playing time in Ginebra with Jayjay Helterbrand injured. However with Helterbrand and now Mike Cortez in their stable, White failed to log a game in the Fiesta Cup.

7 RAMSEY WILLIAMS – The loss of Wynne Arboleda due to “fan interaction” prompted the Lina franchise to search for a PG. While Williams was barely a threat, he played well as Air21’s backup quarterback.

6 CHRIS ROSS – Technically without Japeth, he was the second top pick. Unfortunately he looks lost playing alongside the big boss. His scoring was sorely missed by Coca-Cola which prompted the group to trade him to the Sta. Lucia Realtors.

5 OGIE MENOR – It seems like Leo Isaac was fond on using this prep San Beda slasher. Menor almost averaged in double figures for the Barako Bulls in the recent Philippine Cup. However, when Junel Baculi stepped in as coach, Menor became the forgotten man. The Sta. Lucia trade gave his young career a kickstart.

4 RONNIE MATIAS – Look out for this player. Built by Yeng Guiao in the form of Leo Najorda (with more muscle though), Matias had a lot of flashes of brilliance as an Air21 player. He can score in the 20’s and he can also ram the boards and play import stopper. His consistency is his main problem but expect him to get a bigger role next season.

3 JERVY CRUZ – He was expected to be a contender and it seemed that Rain or Shine was the perfect team for this former UAAP MVP but the transition for him proved to be the hardest. He was undersized and he needed to cut his bulk so he can slide to the SF or PF position. He is still a feared rebounder but indeed his rookie year was a struggle.

2 JOSH URBIZTONDO – No team drafted him on draft day and everyone was shocked with this development. However, Urbiztondo saw this as an opportunity. He looked to Sta. Lucia, a team that is a PG from being a complete squad. He played well for the Realtors and if only the Realtors had a better standing in the two conferences, then he’ll likely be a strong candidate for the award.

1 RICO MAIERHOFER – He is technically the draft’s top pick. Air21 stated that had they known Japeth will pull that act then they would have picked him instead of the Smart-Gilas guy. While Rico isn’t really BMEG’s scoring options, this “bigger” version of Paul Artadi can score when needed, can rebound, and can play defense. It feels like he’s a giant ball of energy. He could color his hair red and call himself Hanamichi Sakuragi and people would go wild for that!

And if I need to go technical, Maierhofer was the only rookie properly used in both the Philippine Cup and the Fiesta Cup. Urbiztondo led the rookies in minutes but when Pong Escobal and Chris Ross came in, his minutes dropped. Ronnie Matias was the scoring leader but like I said, he’s inconsistent. Maierhofer is the top rebounding and blocking rookie of the season. He also played more games and was voted to this season’s All-Star match.

And yes, the championship BMEG had and the semifinal seeding they got now are factors to further consider the fact that indeed, Rico Maierhofer is this season’s Top Rookie (Urbiztondo, Matias, and Menor’s teams never got out of the Wildcard phase)!

So that’s that.

Now it’s time to check out the season’s MVP.

Until then…

Game over.

Finally, after the almost two-month old teasers… the Anawangin adventure video has been… kind of finished.

Kind of finished because frankly… have you seen a laptop cry?

So text your friends, call your family members in abroad, and post this on your Facebook walls!

With two days removed since its shoot… is this still relevant?

The program is not responding.

I got that a lot from this project.

You can’t imagine what is it like to edit hours just to have that program terminated.

I knew that my laptop isn’t that powerful. If I wanted powerful, I would have bought a desktop instead but I wanted to sit and lounge anywhere I wanted and thus dimmed the importance of having a laptop. But dammit, every time my laptop asks me to save my files because I am working with low memory wants me to do things as amateurish as possible. I wanted to use after effects to edit this almost 10-minute piece but unfortunately, AE’s rendering time will probably last one day. Also for some reason, I can’t hear the video’s audio. My guess is that while installing, I thought it was a pretty whacked idea to take down some things that I don’t know how to operate.

This experience made me want to get a souped up desktop strong enough to work Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects simultaneously and with a humongous monitor to make the buttons not cramped inside a 14-inch space. I’ll also try to collar a digicam that can conveniently haggle a 640 x 480 frame and at least 10 megapixels because stretching the videos is making the video’s resolution a bit blurry.

Of course, I’ll probably do this when I am risky enough to shelve out righteous dough.

Yes, this is a disclaimer for those technical douches out there.

Anyway, I am presenting to you Sausagefest: Anawangin. This is the story of seven friends who took the audacity to travel a pristine paradise that technology and electricity has yet to disturb. If you think the ending is off, I’ll probably agree with you. While some parts have been altered, the flow is pretty much real-time. Without electricity though, I decided not to shoot the night time scenes even if this is where the action culminated.

I would like to thank Anawangin Cove, South China Sea, and Capones Island for being so dreamy. I would also like to thank a whole lot of human elements for making this trip worthwhile.

Maybe you should start watching to this now.

Again, for violent reactions… check out the ginormous disclaimer up top.


Game over.

WWE’s farm league FCW just gave something that their “pros” should learn from.

Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan to WWE fans) was just signed by the company. A year before the man formerly known as Low-Ki and SenshiKaval made his debut in the FCW. Vince McMahon is bent to copyright his characters. Despite the name change, fans know the capabilities of both wrestlers.

And boy did they get a treat unlike any other.

Danielson emerged as one of the top draws of NXT and while he was released for dishing out “Chris Benoit”-like movements, WWE would be insane to not re-sign him again.

As of this moment, Kaval is expected to emerge as the top dog of NXT’s second season.

Hopefully we will see both stars do their thing in a bigger stage.

Game over.

Time to join the cause!

South America is filled with wildlife this continent could only imagine. They are home to two great rainforest systems that is a luxury considering how fragile our earth has become!

You can visit the THE SYDRIFIED TITI MONKEY PAGE and state your love for these magnificent titis!

(Ahem… Ahem)

Game over!

During the ESPY’s, Steve Carell mimicked LeBron James’ “Decision”.

Paul Rudd is also in the clip.

By the way, would it be cool of LBJ was a Brgy. Ginebra import?

Game over.

It is said that the overload of male testosterone, can cause a random female moviegoer to get herself impregnated if she gets exposed to The Expendables for the longest period of time.

I don’t know about the experts… but this is not true.

Had Chuck Norris been in this flick… then I would have said yes.

There is this extremely masochistic Youtube user who pretty much invested time and money to scour a little over six hours of cartoons to create this visual eye candy.

If I can be technical about this piece, I will give him major, MAJOR props for researching and collecting these clips with a smile in his or her face. This shit is grueling! You have to look at each character’s expressions and then you have to mix this with the original voiceover from the trailer.

Anyway… it was freakin’ awesome.

I have to commend the guy from doing this mashup.

Game over!

Five seconds left.

Jong Uichico designed the play.

Almost 21,000 fans at the Araneta Coliseum and the hundred thousands watching at home are at their feet and are expecting something awesome from the crowd favorites.

It never happened.

After being down 0-2 in their best-of-five quarterfinal series against the Alaska Aces in the 2010 Fiesta Conference, the Barangay Ginebra Kings managed to even the series. They did this no thanks to Christopher Daniels. Amongst the four imports that Ginebra signed, I felt that he underachieved the most. Ginebra is a team overloaded with star players but can’t seem to find their focus. The team is so souped that Junthy Valenzuela, a former top dog during his days as a Red Bull Barako, logged just two minutes this season. At the start of the season they managed to acquire Enrico Villanueva and Celino Cruz from the then-Purefoods Giants and in the middle of the Fiesta Cup, they acquired Willie Miller, Mike Cortez, and the returning Rudy Hatfield. Daniels could have been a key gem crashing the boards and getting the putbacks but alas, he can’t seem to propel his game to a “playoff” level.

There are a couple of squads I hate because of their greed. If I was San Miguel I will ditch Joseph Yeo, Lordy Tugade, Mike Holper, and Denok Miranda for teams looking for bonafide threats. In B-MEG, I’ll probably release Romel Adducul, Jondan Salvador, and Don Allado to teams that will use their services properly. Talk ‘N Text needs to cut back on the benching of JR Quinahan and the misuse of Jared Dillinger.

Ginebra? This team was tasked as the ultimate underdogs. After their bad boys and hoodlums from the 1980’s left the squad, the team sagged. It returned to prominence following the entry of Marlou Aquino, Bal David, Vince Hizon, Noli Locsin, Pido Jarencio, Jayvee Gayoso, and others but afterwards, it reverted back to dire straits. Even in this scenario, the fans still cheered for them. All of a sudden, the team was winning games despite the lack of really big-named stars. I remember when guys like Sunday Salvacion, Ronald Magtulis, Elmer Lago, Rodney Santos, Alex Crisano, Aries Dimaunahan, and Mark Macapagal nailing freak jumpers to seal the win for the team.

Nowadays it’s impossible for us to even say Ginebra is the underdog squad. Their starting five can play the second five and after that, the winner can face the third five and it would be as competitive as their previous bout. This change pretty much happened when Rudy Hatfield, Rafi Reavis, and Billy Mamaril came to the Gins.

Sure, having so many stars robs the talent of other teams and it gives you various looks in offense but one major hit in this setup is the team’s chemistry. Willy Wilson is playing better than Enrico Villanueva. In a perfect world, that shouldn’t happen but in this case, Rico is struggling… getting less post up plays because Ginebra’s offense basically comes with their slashers and shooters. Also, Wilson fits well in this level because this is one thing Ginebra lacks at the moment – which is role players. Jong Uichico must be missing Rafi Reavis right now because you’ll always expect him to clutter the paint for his opponents’ dismay. Enrico Villanueva’s stint with the San Miguel Corporation has been one of the worst routes his career could ever take. How can the Raging Bull be a not-so-confident King in a matter of three years?

LA Tenorio is the luckiest Atenean in the PBA right now because at least he is at home with the Aces. Enrico should come to Alaska and join him since it seems the team lacks credible big men.

If you look at it, Chris Daniels is more competent than what he saw in the Fiesta Cup. However, the influx of heroes was enough to single him as the goat. If this was played during the 2004 to 2006 timeline, Mark Caguioa would have played from that injury to deliver a great performance. Even in his injury, The Spark was still the highest-scoring local for the Kings.

And to close this, I’ll just tap a nerve for Coach Jong’s part. The Kings lived and died with their slashers. Five seconds was enough to hit a jumper and if it misses, perhaps a rebound and a putback. I know it was the play Jong made during those dying minutes but Eric Menk was choked out by Alaska’s defense. Never mind if Cyrus Baguio, a former King who became disgruntled with the system after he found himself playing less and less minutes, tapped the ball… Menk held the ball too long and it was either that or a fouled attempt for Major Pain… which didn’t happen. Menk couldn’t even pass the ball out because Diamon Simpson was clogging up his options. Like I said, they could have tried an open shot and made his frontcourt guys do damage by grabbing the offensive rebound.

Ginebra closed out this season with no championships.

This is to think that perhaps this version of their squad is the most powerful lineup they have ever assembled.

Game over.

This Youtube clip gave me an idea for a story!

Internet research capabilities… ON!

Ever wondered who Katsuragi Hikaru is?

Game over!

Woman on top? Cool.

Dangerous elements while a woman is on top? Not cool.

Don’t worry about me… I just hate harnesses.

Click this to find out why.

Angel Locsin is probably in Cloud Nine right now after being declared as the winner of FHM Philippine’s 100 Sexiest Poll, aside from a slew of beautiful Pinays, TV’s original Darna delivered a knockout punch against past winners Marian Rivera, Cristine Reyes, and Katrina Halili… among others.

During the “showing off”, Angel was “floating” via a harness.

Bangs Garcia staged a Moulin Rouge-like stunt by doing an aerial dance which pleased the crowd.

Angel floated wearing a hot black dress with a pair of wings.

The wings made it difficult for her to fly.

I get it. Her name is “Angel” and angels are divine entities that is said to have wings. Also, the concept will probably entice Angel because she’s pretty much a risk taker. It is also a throwback version of her self where she was launched to the primetime TV circuit with her performance as Alwina in Mulawin. I get the concept. However…

A typical backstage of a live important event basically features a crazy stagehand and a bunch of nervous wrecks ordering people like they need medication. The only thing in their minds is that the show must go on without interruptions. That large set of wings proved to be a pain for her movement… and for her safety. Remember that scene from The Incredibles on why superheroes shouldn’t wear capes?

Or better yet… maybe let’s remember how Owen Hart died.

Owen Hart’s career had a setback. He was part of the Hart Foundation faction which pretty much ruled the title scene then. Brother Bret Hart was the champion while in-laws Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and “The British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith were tag team champs. Hell, even Owen had the Intercontinental belt in his grasps.

But when the “Montreal Screwjob” happened, Owen Hart was left high and dry.

Bret left the WWE for WCW in disgust and Anvil and the Bulldog soon followed. Their departure pretty much destroyed their careers (Bret suffered a career-ending injury while Anvil and Bulldog never took off in that company). Anyway, Owen was left in the WWE because he feared that he’ll get sued if he leaves since he has yet to finish his contract. Owen struggled as a singles star. Even if he had a feud with Degeneration X (then heels), the management didn’t think he was “main event material”. This led to a heel turn and him joining the soon-to-disband Nation of Domination. The disbandment left him high and dry anew, which led to his allegiance with Jeff Jarrett and Debra. For the rest of his career, the “Nugget” word stuck with him. Nugget was a term coined by Shawn Michaels to Owen because he was like a nugget of feces that cannot be flushed despite all the efforts to destroy it. A series of events forced Owen to re-introduce “The Blue Blazer”. Despite the obviousness, Owen said that he and the Blue Blazer are two different people. The Blazer became a comical heel… a bumbling superhero which was unlike its high-flying gung-ho first incarnation.

On Over The Edge (May 23, 1999), the Blue Blazer was set to made a dramatic entrance. He will be lowered from the rafters where he’ll get himself trapped by the cords and he will release himself where he’ll dropped to the ring face down.

The harness had a malfunction which led to the early release of Owen from the harness and he was sent chest-first to the turnbuckle.

Owen Hart died afterwards.

Maybe it’s me and my fear of heights but I don’t really like things with risks of malfunction. In Angel’s case, while she was really near the stage height-wise, her troubles with the harness is a hit or miss situation. Good thing for Angel, it was a hit! Fans glazed at her majesty with gusto! Owen practiced the stunt which was originally planned with a midget stuffed in between his legs. Lucky midget... poor Owen.

Since the incident wasn’t the main event, WWE had the choice to stop the show but they chose to continue it. The next Monday Night Raw, they offered the show as a fitting tribute to their departed colleague (for one night it was “Raw is Owen”). I liked how Jeff Jarrett worked his match teary-eyed and telling the crowd that Owen was NOT a nugget! The match Jarrett worked was for the Intercontinental title against The Godfather where Owen was supposedly booked to win at the Over the Edge PPV for the third time in his career. Almost a year later in WCW, Bret Hart won against Chris Benoit at the Kemper Arena in St. Louis… which was where Owen fell. This was their tribute version.

I can’t point fingers because probably it was a good idea that everybody approved of… including Angel. Imagine the year’s sexiest chick was brought out from the sky and into our hearts with the ambiance conveniently planned to make her a very grand spectacle. Angel has been performing stunts in the course of her career because she wants to a Lara Croft-like character. She did most of the stunts in Asian Treasures and I think some of you remembered her invading the PBB house a few seasons back.

There are a lot of well thought ideas that failed to come into fruition due to safety issues.
Perhaps if she wins again, or another beauty wins again, maybe it’s time to cut the grandeur and just to keep it simple. Cristine Reyes coming out in a very provocative suit pushed envelopes… but at least it was safe.

While from the looks of his career then, Owen couldn’t have won the WWE championship. The best chance he could ever nail it was when he fought Bret in the span of 1993 to 1994. WCW’s glass ceiling was filled with aging superstars in 1999 which prompted the company to fold a few years later. In WWE, he would have needed the joke Blue Blazer character if he wanted to be pushed as World Champion.

But with that fall, I guess we can only speculate.

Again, I have nothing against anyone working that event… the only thing I hate about you guys is that you have backstage access filled with half-naked chicks.

I just hate harnesses.

Did I mention I hate harnesses?

Game over.

This is the first time I’m going to do this and hopefully I can do a bi-monthly coverage of the current UAAP season.

Anyway, welcome Sydman’s Power Rankings… THE UAAP VERSION!

Thanks to the PBFANTASY site, I can easily grab the stats to execute such feat. The persons listed in the rank basically topped his team in points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, and hell… EVEN TURNOVERS!

This isn’t fabricated. Why the ginormous fuck would I even do that?

The equation I used for determining the rankings are as follows: Points per game is multiplied by 1. RPG is multiplied by 1.5. APG is multiplied by 2. SPG and BPG are multiplied by 2.5. Add these babies up and subtract their turnovers per game, and swish… you get their stats!



These are the players that had awesome stats but it never took them as high as they would have wanted it. Sure, basketball – especially college basketball – is a team sport but I’ll definitely insert the wins in the near future.











There were a lot of Falcons and Maroons in this part of the ranks. The reason here is that the Soaring Falcons and the Fighting Maroons have shallow secondary support. This is also why some of the best of La Salle and Ateneo are situated at this point. Both teams have extremely deep benches – Norman Black’s most used player is inside the Top 10 while Dindo Pumaren’s most used player is Simon Atkins who plays only a little over 20 minutes per game.


Here are the go-to-guys of their respective schools. With the UAAP season still in its baby stages, expect a lot of movement as the weeks ensue.

He is NU’s leading scorer and second in rebounds as well. While he is not the team’s most important player, but he gives the team an offensive presence when it matters.

I could be wrong but this is probably his last year as Tam and hopefully with the way he is playing, a championship could be in the works.

His deadshot accuracy is somewhat reminding people of Chris Tiu but all of a sudden he has evolved into an able orchestrator, defender, and rebounder. That’s not bad for this senior!
STATS: 8.3PPG, 5RPG, 3.7APG, 2.3SPG IN 26.3MPG

Adamson hasn’t had a dominating big ever since Kenneth Bono graduated. The guy ranks fourth in the league in rebounds and he is tied for third in blocked shots to think he plays a little over two quarters a game.
STATS: 10.3PPG, 9.3RPG, 1.7BPG IN 23MPG

Currently the league’s leading rebounder, he’s poised to play the undersized big man a la Jervy Cruz. While he’s doing well, UST’s lack of frontliners should scare him. Cruz is 6’4 and he barely gets breaks since he’s undersized. Camus has less range and is 6’3…

Amongst the collegiate players playing for the country as members of Team Pilipinas, Ramos is the only one who seems to be applying his new-found knowledge. He ranks third in the league in rebounds and ranks first in blocked shots despite playing for a talent-rich squad.

The perennial whipping boys will likely improve with the addition of this Cameroonian. He is the only player as of the moment averaging with a double-double. You know “Team SM” is determined to dominate its competition with the Mbe-Hermosisima 1-2 punch.
STATS: 12.3PPG, 12.3RPG, 1APG, 1BPG IN 32MPG

UE had three tries to contend for the plum, including a mind-numbing 14-0 regular season which proved two wins short of a title. Unlike last year, the Warriors lacked the gangling big men they once boast. The Cobra Commander needs to unleash his scoring barrage in the most effective way to claim another viable crack for the plum.

RR Garcia is only a sophomore but to be able to take out Smart Gilas hotshot JR Cawaling of importance makes him a person to look out for in the future. Sure, FEU is talent-heavy but for him to lead the league in scoring amidst established guys like Ramos, Cervantes, Cawaling, Paul Sanga, and even UAAP juniors scoring superstar Terrence Romeo is superbly spectacular.
STATS: 21.5PPG, 3.5RPG, 3.5APG, 1.5BPG IN 34.5MPG

Surprise! Perhaps you might be wondering how this is possible. Don’t worry… I’m flustered myself. Even if UP failed to win their two assignments, the guy stood out against all comers. His stats is in the Gabe Norwood/Arwind Santos all-around range level and with the way he is playing, hopefully UP can improve their previous lackluster seasons (perhaps Coach Aboy Castro needs to boost his playing time).
STATS: 17PPG, 7RPG, 2.5APG, 2SPG, 1.5BPG IN 26.5MPG

Sure, I bet all of you will be shocked and angsty over my decision to not even “alter” my data. Like I said, I was shocked too. However, this doesn’t mean that this would be the case until the last game of the season. We have yet to spot people we think should be in the rank like Eric Salamat and Ryan Buenafe of Ateneo, Jeric Teng of UST, Lester Alvarez of Adamson, Magi Sison of UP, Cawaling, and Joshua Webb and Samuel Marata of DLSU.

I bet the more the season progress, the more the “real” big guns would deliver.

What sucks though is that UAAP recognizes the regular season MVP through individual accolades and not with his team’s record. This is why Ken Bono won the plum even if his team barely reached the Final Four (An anonymous reader corrected me on this one because I initially stated that he didn't reach the final four. My bad :P).

But like I said, the season has just begun.

Until the next two weeks…

Game over.

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The guy has been internet’s most annoying foe.

Time to check him out (by the way, the clip has no relation with the pictured)!

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Procrastination made me do this only now.

Anyway, the rank is back!

Here are the 30 biggest names of the 2010 PBA Fiesta Cup!

30 RONALD TUBID / KINGS – The influx of wingmen has destroyed his playing time in Ginebra but he can still score action via his veteran smarts.

29 JARED DILLINGER / TEXTERS – If Team Pilipinas wants him in their squad, now is the perfect time to claim him. While he clocks less time, at least he still performs well during crunch time.

28 RUDY HATFIELD / KINGS – His strong man style is still making his opponents cringe. As his playing time grows, so is his confidence to return to his Triple H-like persona.

27 TONY DELA CRUZ / ACES – He grabs balls with salivating gusto. No, TDC is not a sexual offender. For one thing this is what Tim Cone and the rest of the Aces want him to do.

26 JASON CASTRO / TEXTERS – Here is another guy affected by the coming of the Sta. Lucia guys in their roster. His numbers are coming in despite the minutes slash.

25 MARK CAGUIOA / KINGS – I expected this guy to have a poor classification phase and an awesome playoff run. Hopefully that awesome playoff run will not end on Sunday.

24 MARC PINGRIS / LLAMADOS – Sorely missed in the playoffs, this pro-defense jumping bean could be the catalyst on how B-Meg will end up this conference.

23 JAY-R REYES / PAINTERS – Heavily-relied by ROS to get a presence in the paint, ROS’ extended life in the Fiesta Cup is partly due to his peskiness.

22 JAYJAY HELTERBRAND / KINGS – After a MVP performance, he skidded off as the Kings’ top dog because of injuries but he is still the key playmaker of the squad.

21 WILLIE MILLER / KINGS – Perhaps Thriller is regretting why he demanded to bolt out of Alaska in the first place. With the firepower Ginebra has right now you can’t see this guy dishing out 30-game explosions (that is reserved for Caguioa)!

20 ROGER YAP / LLAMADOS – The Rabbit is hopping to provide the halfcourt sets that pretty much ends up with a string of deuces and pressure for his foes.

19 DONDON HONTIVEROS / BEERMEN – While most of his contemporaries in SMB have become role players, he hasn’t. Perhaps we should thank some noontime host for the inspiration she provides?

18 MIKE CORTEZ / KINGS – Playing for his fourth team in three years is probably pissing the hell out of the Cool Cat. At least he still provides the bang coaches want from him.

17 JOE DEVANCE / ACES – The speaker of the venue is finally imposing his will. He is playing better than in the classification phase and if the Aces want to advance, they’ll expect JDV to stand out.

16 HARVEY CAREY / TEXTERS – Silent but deadly – this is how Harvey Carey works. He scores in double figures and he is third in the team in rebounds… and no one seems to notice this.

15 RYAN REYES / TEXTERS – Sta. Lucia suffered with Reyes’ departure. Sure, K-Will is their top guy but remember when the Realtors survived a conference without Kelly because of his performance?

14 CYRUS BAGUIO / ACES – Miller’s loss is his gain. Doubling the playing time he got as a King, Baguio is now showing his prowess like when he was the top dog in Red Bull.

13 ASI TAULAVA / TIGERS – His stock will probably diminish following the Tigers’ ouster. When Coke was alive in the Fiesta Cup, the Rock proved to be a vital cog in their surge.

12 ARWIND SANTOS / BEERMEN – He tad less than what he did in the last conference, expect the Spiderman to inflict damage to score a championship. The joke’s on you if you belittle his reed-thin frame.

11 JAY WASHINGTON / BEERMEN – J-Wash has been a huge help in their route to the top and whoever the SMB coach is will need his services to clinch the crown for the squad.

10 LA TENORIO / ACES – Flying LA is Tim Cone’s eyes and ears on the court. He warrants the ball to dish out the plays that would frustrate the opposing team.

9 MACMAC CARDONA / TEXTERS – There is a reason why Shawn Daniels needs less time scoring and more time for banging the boards. Cardona’s offensive influence needs to culminate in order for them to reach the finals.

8 GARY DAVID / TIGERS – You can show that he is more comfortable in Bo Perasol’s system than in Yeng Guaio’s with the numbers he is producing. Though the team failed to reach the Q’Finals, his presence scared the hell out of his foes.

7 KELLY WILLIAMS / TEXTERS – This conference is pretty much a send-off before the Machine Gun joins the national team. While he isn’t the focal point of TNT’s offense, he still brings the damage to impose on the other squads.

6 JAMES YAP / LLAMADOS – Yes, we all know that his quality performances are being overshadowed by his (not so) personal life. The angst he has right now is getting released thru his sudden accurate swooshes. Maybe he is thinking that the ring resembles his annulment papers?

5 JIMMY ALAPAG / TEXTERS – Despite the egos in his team, he is still the chief organizer of the bunch. He leads the league in assists and he is one of seven TNT players scoring in double figures. By the way, has anyone noticed the number of TNT players in the rank?

4 ALEX CABAGNOT / BEERMEN – This is his third team this season and funny that his numbers remain consistent especially since he transferred to a talent-heavy squad… where he ranks third in minutes. While he can certainly sizzle, he is at his best when he dishes out the rock to his teammates.

3 RANIDEL DE OCAMPO / TEXTERS – He is voted as the top player of the Fiesta Cup’s regular season and no one should dispute this (even though I rated him third in my rankings). He shoots the ball well and he gets the things needed for the Texters to win. Why is TNT on top? Ask him and he’ll just show you his numbers as his answer.

2 SOL MERCADO / PAINTERS – Unlike SMB, TNT, Ginebra, and B-Meg, the Painters don’t have the depth so “The Soul Train” packs in heavy minutes so that the squad can stay afloat with the rest of the league. They have won two do or die games this season and they need this guy to shine if they want to reach the semis.

1 GABE NORWOOD / PAINTERS – If and when the Painters reach the semis, I’m locking him as the MVP of the Fiesta Cup. He does the dirty work with gusto and he provides all-around effectiveness for the squad. The Fire and Ice combo is pretty much the stream of life for the Painters. If they reach the finals, I’m sure I’ll probably tell you that he is a candidate to win MVP honors.

The next time you’ll see this, I’ll probably check out the season honors – from the very, very poor rookie class to my perceived candidate for the MVP award.


You know I write at HOOPS but I also have my pet blog, SYDRIFIED.

Until next time…