Angel in Harness

Woman on top? Cool.

Dangerous elements while a woman is on top? Not cool.

Don’t worry about me… I just hate harnesses.

Click this to find out why.

Angel Locsin is probably in Cloud Nine right now after being declared as the winner of FHM Philippine’s 100 Sexiest Poll, aside from a slew of beautiful Pinays, TV’s original Darna delivered a knockout punch against past winners Marian Rivera, Cristine Reyes, and Katrina Halili… among others.

During the “showing off”, Angel was “floating” via a harness.

Bangs Garcia staged a Moulin Rouge-like stunt by doing an aerial dance which pleased the crowd.

Angel floated wearing a hot black dress with a pair of wings.

The wings made it difficult for her to fly.

I get it. Her name is “Angel” and angels are divine entities that is said to have wings. Also, the concept will probably entice Angel because she’s pretty much a risk taker. It is also a throwback version of her self where she was launched to the primetime TV circuit with her performance as Alwina in Mulawin. I get the concept. However…

A typical backstage of a live important event basically features a crazy stagehand and a bunch of nervous wrecks ordering people like they need medication. The only thing in their minds is that the show must go on without interruptions. That large set of wings proved to be a pain for her movement… and for her safety. Remember that scene from The Incredibles on why superheroes shouldn’t wear capes?

Or better yet… maybe let’s remember how Owen Hart died.

Owen Hart’s career had a setback. He was part of the Hart Foundation faction which pretty much ruled the title scene then. Brother Bret Hart was the champion while in-laws Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and “The British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith were tag team champs. Hell, even Owen had the Intercontinental belt in his grasps.

But when the “Montreal Screwjob” happened, Owen Hart was left high and dry.

Bret left the WWE for WCW in disgust and Anvil and the Bulldog soon followed. Their departure pretty much destroyed their careers (Bret suffered a career-ending injury while Anvil and Bulldog never took off in that company). Anyway, Owen was left in the WWE because he feared that he’ll get sued if he leaves since he has yet to finish his contract. Owen struggled as a singles star. Even if he had a feud with Degeneration X (then heels), the management didn’t think he was “main event material”. This led to a heel turn and him joining the soon-to-disband Nation of Domination. The disbandment left him high and dry anew, which led to his allegiance with Jeff Jarrett and Debra. For the rest of his career, the “Nugget” word stuck with him. Nugget was a term coined by Shawn Michaels to Owen because he was like a nugget of feces that cannot be flushed despite all the efforts to destroy it. A series of events forced Owen to re-introduce “The Blue Blazer”. Despite the obviousness, Owen said that he and the Blue Blazer are two different people. The Blazer became a comical heel… a bumbling superhero which was unlike its high-flying gung-ho first incarnation.

On Over The Edge (May 23, 1999), the Blue Blazer was set to made a dramatic entrance. He will be lowered from the rafters where he’ll get himself trapped by the cords and he will release himself where he’ll dropped to the ring face down.

The harness had a malfunction which led to the early release of Owen from the harness and he was sent chest-first to the turnbuckle.

Owen Hart died afterwards.

Maybe it’s me and my fear of heights but I don’t really like things with risks of malfunction. In Angel’s case, while she was really near the stage height-wise, her troubles with the harness is a hit or miss situation. Good thing for Angel, it was a hit! Fans glazed at her majesty with gusto! Owen practiced the stunt which was originally planned with a midget stuffed in between his legs. Lucky midget... poor Owen.

Since the incident wasn’t the main event, WWE had the choice to stop the show but they chose to continue it. The next Monday Night Raw, they offered the show as a fitting tribute to their departed colleague (for one night it was “Raw is Owen”). I liked how Jeff Jarrett worked his match teary-eyed and telling the crowd that Owen was NOT a nugget! The match Jarrett worked was for the Intercontinental title against The Godfather where Owen was supposedly booked to win at the Over the Edge PPV for the third time in his career. Almost a year later in WCW, Bret Hart won against Chris Benoit at the Kemper Arena in St. Louis… which was where Owen fell. This was their tribute version.

I can’t point fingers because probably it was a good idea that everybody approved of… including Angel. Imagine the year’s sexiest chick was brought out from the sky and into our hearts with the ambiance conveniently planned to make her a very grand spectacle. Angel has been performing stunts in the course of her career because she wants to a Lara Croft-like character. She did most of the stunts in Asian Treasures and I think some of you remembered her invading the PBB house a few seasons back.

There are a lot of well thought ideas that failed to come into fruition due to safety issues.
Perhaps if she wins again, or another beauty wins again, maybe it’s time to cut the grandeur and just to keep it simple. Cristine Reyes coming out in a very provocative suit pushed envelopes… but at least it was safe.

While from the looks of his career then, Owen couldn’t have won the WWE championship. The best chance he could ever nail it was when he fought Bret in the span of 1993 to 1994. WCW’s glass ceiling was filled with aging superstars in 1999 which prompted the company to fold a few years later. In WWE, he would have needed the joke Blue Blazer character if he wanted to be pushed as World Champion.

But with that fall, I guess we can only speculate.

Again, I have nothing against anyone working that event… the only thing I hate about you guys is that you have backstage access filled with half-naked chicks.

I just hate harnesses.

Did I mention I hate harnesses?

Game over.


  1. hahhahaha..... second generation information... you just took it from the news... it would have been better if you were there to witness it. ahem...

  2. monkey crap.

    why do I get the feeling that I know you...