Billboard Bashing by Typhoon Basyang and the Affected Parties Surrounding It!

The thing about being “kind-of-molested” by work is you tend to forget important things.

For instance… Typhoon Basyang.

In other news, various reports talked about sudden gush of wetness experienced by grown men whenever they ride the MRT at the Quezon Avenue station.

I am doing a project for my company. Let’s just say I’m helping others “claim” recognition because of their “service”. Because of this, I am fighting hard to catch up on my load that I need to finish. Yeah, I tend to slack off by feeding things to my pet blog but hey, have you noticed that for the past three days, all I have written was a couple of sports stories and an array of quick writeups of anything I gathered in cyberspace. The big project must be finished before July 15 hits.

Luckily that FHM 100 sexiest article reaped heavy viewers that up to this time the ARTICLE is still getting a following.

The important thing I forgot is that I never knew shit that there was a storm. All I know was there’s rain outside.

I thought it’s just your typical shower… but then I saw Dimples Romana’s dietary supplement billboard waving like a typical flag near Ever-Commonwealth.

No way.

When I arrived home, a succession of events unfolded – a sudden cable loss, a sudden power loss, and a sudden…

Well that’s about it.

Lucky us! Except for our roof rattling like Slash insisting he is fit to drum (yes, I know he is not a drummer and that’s the point of this), no water was formed inside and outside our house.

True to form, while everything has probably gone back to normal the succeeding day, I saw a lot of billboards taken down and rolled up because of the typhoon. All of a sudden, I remembered this billboard.

Yes, this was the Va-Va-Vroom billboard where Cristine Reyes was pictured. If you don't know her, she's the sister of Ara Mina. Other attempts to identify her are inside this clip.

I then remembered an article about how sexy billboards can distract men drivers.

We have seen Angel Locsin’s Folded and Hung billboard.

We have seen Marian Rivera’s Jag billboard.

And maybe… just maybe… some of you guys remember Nancy Castigliogne’s So-En billboard at the South Expressway a few years back?

Yeah sure, their skin could pretty much make your eyes melt, but these welcome sights shouldn’t be destroyed because they call attention. Do you think these billboards will hurt us one bit? I don't think so. That's what I can say about this matter.

What they should do though is eliminate billboards ABOUT BRIEFS and ALMOST NAKED MUSCULAR MEN!

Unlike sexy ladies beside the national highways, most man drivers will cringe at the thought of going near those insanely Herculean bodies in those insane proportions. Especially underwear billboards!


A typical man wouldn’t want to look dead straight at those tidy whites!

And damn it, much less if you consider the “thing” why it was there in the first place!


Bus passengers don’t want to look at it but drivers can’t be risked to look at it as well! One look and they’ll question their manhood, look elsewhere, then they’ll forget to look at the road…



Of course, this disaster will probably be averted when the billboards get out of circulation because of the strong and violent winds caused by our current climate.

Hopefully the Cristine Reyes Va-Va-Vroom billboard will still be there for our eyes to see.

Otherwise… prepare for a random Bench guy!

Game over!


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