Brian Danielson versus Kaval

WWE’s farm league FCW just gave something that their “pros” should learn from.

Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan to WWE fans) was just signed by the company. A year before the man formerly known as Low-Ki and SenshiKaval made his debut in the FCW. Vince McMahon is bent to copyright his characters. Despite the name change, fans know the capabilities of both wrestlers.

And boy did they get a treat unlike any other.

Danielson emerged as one of the top draws of NXT and while he was released for dishing out “Chris Benoit”-like movements, WWE would be insane to not re-sign him again.

As of this moment, Kaval is expected to emerge as the top dog of NXT’s second season.

Hopefully we will see both stars do their thing in a bigger stage.

Game over.


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