Cleveland Rocked on Armchair Jocks!

If you check out this link, you will be looking at Dan Gilbert’s reaction to LeBron James’ transfer to Miami

… With my say on the matter.

Like Jorge said, the more they batch up these guys in one team, the easier it would prove for Boston to exact vengeance on LA.

Game over.


  1. how sweet would it be if miami is DQ'd for the season because they can't field 13 players because of these cap hogs? :D

  2. FYI, it's not about the money, they did not get the maximum pay for players to give way to the other roster that will join them. So I see Lakers and Miami, in the Finals meeting.

  3. not about the money... right about that. but I'd like to see the Heat with all that power bow in the first round of the playoffs.

    anyone eager for a cleveland romp? :)