Cory Aquino's First Death Anniversary

Today we celebrate the first death anniversary of Corazon C. Aquino.

Her death sparked a lot of changes... most specifically regarding the government.

Mar Roxas and Manny Villar were the top dogs of the 2010 presidential race before her death. From there it was Noynoy Aquino who became the champion of the masses – maintaining super leads in the surveys that eventually became real when May 10 approached.

Hopefully the country becomes at least united when her son’s term ends. It is no secret that just like his mother, Noynoy’s government is a mere transition which aims to clear out the crap the past administration created so that the next president of the country will create a better Philippines (Like the former Marcos to Cory to Ramos equation). However, we hope that at least Noynoy can improve the country in some ways. I think people are forgetting that Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s 9-year reign can’t be destroyed in a month after his inauguration.

For one he needs to shut those rallyists up. Sure, they have the right to speak their mind but you can do that without annoying the fuck out of people! I want to sympathize with them but these twerps can’t be pleased! During SONA, they marched and paraded which caused traffic in Commonwealth… which was understandable.

What’s deplorable though is that they whine and whine and whine but it is okay for them to mess the metro with their vandalisms, litter, and ramblings that doesn’t make sense… AT ALL!

I also think that our concrete jungle is “too concrete” to my liking. Flyovers and Overpasses reign supreme in our lands (attention Villar's C5 project) that trees became scarce (attention MMDA). How I envy the UP Ikot route because they wave trees which gives out a cool breeze that we “city folks” miss.

Anywho, as we ride on the winds of change, may your spirit guide us in search of a better Philippines.

Game over.


  1. We hope and pray for a better Philippines. We can move forward. But please do not forget our history. It is where and what we are now because of it.

    We should be proud we are Filipinos. We are one of a kind in the world.

    Mabuhay Pilipinas! Mabuhay ang P.Noy!

    From Honey

  2. sabi ko nga ba maka kris ka e

  3. @ jorge

    si evilbrain alam ang menstrual cycle niya...