The Expendables: Super Toons Version

It is said that the overload of male testosterone, can cause a random female moviegoer to get herself impregnated if she gets exposed to The Expendables for the longest period of time.

I don’t know about the experts… but this is not true.

Had Chuck Norris been in this flick… then I would have said yes.

There is this extremely masochistic Youtube user who pretty much invested time and money to scour a little over six hours of cartoons to create this visual eye candy.

If I can be technical about this piece, I will give him major, MAJOR props for researching and collecting these clips with a smile in his or her face. This shit is grueling! You have to look at each character’s expressions and then you have to mix this with the original voiceover from the trailer.

Anyway… it was freakin’ awesome.

I have to commend the guy from doing this mashup.

Game over!


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