Face Soccer

In the tradition of the FIFA World Cup

… Here are a bunch of guys blowing themselves off.

Less straining than the actual game but a bit harder than playing foosball…

I wonder if this will become an Olympic sport.

Here’s one Korean show I’ve started to watch diligently recently.

It’s called Dream Team!

It stars a couple of K-poppers and they battle out against groups, universities, and other organization that have six active and strong men.

The only thing that sucks here (aside from men blowing their heads off) is the fact that there are no subtitles in this clip.

So if your PC is fast enough, you can always start on the good parts.

But if you like to admire them…

Oh well.

Game over.


  1. lol korea/japan always have weird stuff =P

  2. when the atomic bomb was dropped some damage splashed in Korea.