Hands down - PBA's 2010 Rookie of the Year Prediction

I don’t even need to even finish the Fiesta Cup semifinals.

The voting system is crap if he lost.

Rico Maierhofer of BMEG is the 2009-10 PBA Season Rookie of the Year!

The 2008 PBA Draft had a lot to offer. This draft is so great in talent. Gabe Norwood and Sol Mercado made Rain or Shine, cellar-dwelling franchise, become title contenders. Jared Dillinger and Jason Castro have become great additions to Talk N Text. First round draftees like Rob Reyes, Mark Borboran, Bonbon Custodio, Beau Belga, and Larry Rodriguez have had their shares of flashes of brilliance.

Even the second round draftees of that batch contributed well for their respective squads like Pong Escobal, TY Tang, and Jeff Chan. One undrafted player, Mark Yee, has become a tenacious and feared player in his position.

This batch sucked though.

The 2009 Draft batch barely made an impact this season. Some players were disappointing while others never caught on. Some were unfortunate also. San Miguel’s first round draft choice was James Sena. When he was picked tenth by the Beermen, his college, the JRU Heavy Bombers was still in title contention which was why he reported late in their training camp. Add the fact that the Beermen are overloaded in every position, you can’t blame San Miguel for cutting him.

Of course everyone that follows the PBA knows about the Japeth Aguilar controversy.

The Rookie of the Year was basically fought by an explosive beanpole capable playing both forward positions but is playing on an overloaded squad and an undrafted player who used his “free agent status” wisely to land on a team that will seriously use his services.


– Technically still a rookie, Gaco became the oldest and most experienced rookie of the batch (Although… his entry to the league couldn’t have been possible if not for Mikee Romero tying up with Barako Coffee).

9 MARCY ARELLANO – The former UE spitfire shared playing time with TY Tang and Don Dulay in Rain or Shine’s PG spot. Hopefully he’ll grow as a player in his sophomore season.

8 KEVIN WHITEJimmy Alapag’s nephew had a ton of playing time in Ginebra with Jayjay Helterbrand injured. However with Helterbrand and now Mike Cortez in their stable, White failed to log a game in the Fiesta Cup.

7 RAMSEY WILLIAMS – The loss of Wynne Arboleda due to “fan interaction” prompted the Lina franchise to search for a PG. While Williams was barely a threat, he played well as Air21’s backup quarterback.

6 CHRIS ROSS – Technically without Japeth, he was the second top pick. Unfortunately he looks lost playing alongside the big boss. His scoring was sorely missed by Coca-Cola which prompted the group to trade him to the Sta. Lucia Realtors.

5 OGIE MENOR – It seems like Leo Isaac was fond on using this prep San Beda slasher. Menor almost averaged in double figures for the Barako Bulls in the recent Philippine Cup. However, when Junel Baculi stepped in as coach, Menor became the forgotten man. The Sta. Lucia trade gave his young career a kickstart.

4 RONNIE MATIAS – Look out for this player. Built by Yeng Guiao in the form of Leo Najorda (with more muscle though), Matias had a lot of flashes of brilliance as an Air21 player. He can score in the 20’s and he can also ram the boards and play import stopper. His consistency is his main problem but expect him to get a bigger role next season.

3 JERVY CRUZ – He was expected to be a contender and it seemed that Rain or Shine was the perfect team for this former UAAP MVP but the transition for him proved to be the hardest. He was undersized and he needed to cut his bulk so he can slide to the SF or PF position. He is still a feared rebounder but indeed his rookie year was a struggle.

2 JOSH URBIZTONDO – No team drafted him on draft day and everyone was shocked with this development. However, Urbiztondo saw this as an opportunity. He looked to Sta. Lucia, a team that is a PG from being a complete squad. He played well for the Realtors and if only the Realtors had a better standing in the two conferences, then he’ll likely be a strong candidate for the award.

1 RICO MAIERHOFER – He is technically the draft’s top pick. Air21 stated that had they known Japeth will pull that act then they would have picked him instead of the Smart-Gilas guy. While Rico isn’t really BMEG’s scoring options, this “bigger” version of Paul Artadi can score when needed, can rebound, and can play defense. It feels like he’s a giant ball of energy. He could color his hair red and call himself Hanamichi Sakuragi and people would go wild for that!

And if I need to go technical, Maierhofer was the only rookie properly used in both the Philippine Cup and the Fiesta Cup. Urbiztondo led the rookies in minutes but when Pong Escobal and Chris Ross came in, his minutes dropped. Ronnie Matias was the scoring leader but like I said, he’s inconsistent. Maierhofer is the top rebounding and blocking rookie of the season. He also played more games and was voted to this season’s All-Star match.

And yes, the championship BMEG had and the semifinal seeding they got now are factors to further consider the fact that indeed, Rico Maierhofer is this season’s Top Rookie (Urbiztondo, Matias, and Menor’s teams never got out of the Wildcard phase)!

So that’s that.

Now it’s time to check out the season’s MVP.

Until then…

Game over.


  1. Rico will for sure get the ROY award.He made the All- Stars and went to the finals. If the 'Fireball's minutes were not reduced he could easily have surpassed Rico in SP's and it could have been a possible CO-ROY award.

  2. wow. really?

    they wasted the nickname "fireball" on a guy that has yet to establish himself in the league.


    except for the fireball tag (hopefully he won't have a bad sophomore season) he could have been the rookie of the year because he was slr's starting point guard.

    like i said, this was the league's worst batch of rookies since the 2000 season.

  3. Josh Urbiztondo was not SLR staring PG in the fiesta conference. Paolo Mendoza was the starter until he got traded to Coke. Then it was Pong and Ogie. Josh was demoted to 2nd and sometimes 3rd string and he still put up good numbers. Imagine what he could do if he was the starter. Too bad he wasn't given the chance then. The ROY award would have been more of a neck and neck battle. BTW a nickname wasn't wasted, it was given to him because he earned it. Now he has to prove it he can keep it.

  4. Yeah I guess you're right. he would have earned that fireball tag. However, one flaw rookies need to one-up is the sophomore slump. michael jordan had it but he recovered but then rich alvarez didn't recover from this disease.

    urbiztondo blossomed because of necessity and hopefully the meralco coach would need him as much as how boyet fernandez needed him during the season's philippine cup.