As a Rejoice endorser, we probably more or less loved Kim Chiu’s Kering-keri TVC.

After all, these commercials were enough elements to launch her as an endorsing juggernaut.

Sadly the commercials she had aren’t witty. If it wanted to be witty… it just failed miserably. The problem with the ad agencies is that they impose restrictions even before they present to the client. However, you can't blame them. After all, it is hard to find a youthful boss willing to shelve out money for a product they believe in. Often you can see a bunch of old geezers whose fear of over-budget is what clouds a potential awesome TVC.

Then I accidentally stumbled on this Rejoice plug from somewhere in Asia.

Good peg.

I saw this after I previewed Evilbrain’s Youtube find.

I think Kim can have a witty TVC although you have to be insane getting her to do the same as this TVC.

Maybe a better version…

I think there are a lot of ad agencies out there whose creatives are bold enough to pen an awesome concept and present it to their clients with less prejudice!

Game over.


  1. Bakit, witty ka ba?

  2. hehe it seems i struck a nerve.

    sorry ad agency person.

    next time you develop something like "baka nagpa-relax, nagpa-hair spa, o whatever things girls do these days"... i will commend you with gusto. :)