Kim C leaves 2 Days and 1 Night!

2 Days 1 Night cast member Kim C is leaving the show.

2 Days 1 Night is a Korean variety show.

So why do you need to care?

I dunno… but…


I’ve been diligently watching two shows – this and Bones. I’m beginning to like Castle, Family Guy, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Accidentally on Purpose, and Cougar Town… but these are the shows I can easily access on my TV.

It’s no secret that I like Korean shows. I like their movies, series, variety programs…

Although part of me cringes at K-Pop.

The show is about seven well-known entertainers touring the different parts of South Korea. This is great way to promote Korea to the foreigners.

But this is not just a travel show.

The role of the six stars is to basically providing entertainment by challenging each other. The basically fight for everything that’s important to survive, most especially food and housing. When they became seven though, it became them against the “evil” producers. These producers “lust” for ratings that they prefer the actors to starve and sleep outside the usual premises.

Check out the clip – the claim the ingredients for their food they have to pass a sound test. The test involves four men passing around information through lip reading. The problem is three of the four have plugs on their ears that block their hearing.

Kim is the guy that is reading the info to the other “deaf” guys.

Amongst the seven, Kim C is basically the fish out of water. Think of him as Josh Groban living with Green Day. Kim C is a well-known band member in Korea and his decision to leave the show was for him to concentrate more on his music. He is the serious one in the show and he has contemplated on leaving the show for several days now.

His departure left the group with six members – and they can now continue their battle against each other since it would be 3 versus 3.

Anywho, check out Youtube to find out more about this show.

Game over.


  1. I love watching 2days 1night too, do you happen to know where i could buy my own copy here in the philippines? please! please! please! before they end the show after 6months..

  2. wait. the show is a variety one. not unless it gets cancelled, it will not end.

    but maybe you can dvr the show? it airs as of this moment every friday at 10:10 and every monday at 6pm.