My mom just underwent surgery to remove a huge chunk of mass near her armpits.

It reminded me of tocino.

It’s hard to eat tocino again.

I hate hospitals.

I hate the smell. I hate the food. I hate the rules and regulations. I even hate the paper where they write the prescriptions.

But still, you need them. It’s like a well-ventilated auto shop where they repair and improve you.

I should be on a trip right now. I don’t know where… but it will involve my GF, a great view, and possibly a long and tedious ride. Circumstances forced me to forget about this… for now. For starters, work forced me to push it back… and last Wednesday my mom decided to dispose of that annoying lump near her back… and almost near her armpits.

This thing is called lipoma. Look it up. Wikipedia tells me that this is a benign tumor composed of fatty tissues. Whoever thinks that this is some sort of liposuction-related mess needs to NOT BE STUPID. At least one percent of the population suffers from this. Lipomas are usually seen in males and females in the 40 to 60 age bracket. It can also be seen in alcoholic males but and kids suffering from some sort of carry-over syndrome. A year ago, she was treated for the same problem. It went well but it grew back.

Anyway, she had the lump successfully removed around 9:45am to 10:30am this July 2.

She had the jitters, as did everyone, but the operation went well. The doctor managed to also cut an impending node. She’ll have to rest this off when she goes home either Saturday or Sunday. This is a problem because she’s a work nut. She’ll probably think that it’s a good idea to work on chores especially now that we have no household help at the moment. She sometimes lifts heavy objects despite the fact that doctors have banned her from doing so.

She needs to stop… period.

The Medicard proved to be a vital weapon as it destroyed doctor’s fees, equipment use, and discounted fifty percent on the private room she’s in. We still need to pay the miscellaneous fees but at least we saved some.

This is also probably a good idea for President Noynoy Aquino and his cohorts to make the congress pass an EVEN MORE CHEAPER MEDICINE LAW because whatever social class you’re in… it sucks when you pay a huge amount of dough to acquire an antidote for your disease.

At least my mother’s well.

It may take a while before we all eat tocino though.

Game over.


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