My views soar because it was assisted by (an) Angel

It was kind of like a social experiment.

The fanbase Pinay celebrities have in the internet blew me away.

I learned a lot of important lessons with this incident.

I have to admit, 3,745 views in one day was freakin’ crazy.

3,745 views in one day…

It took me more than a year to claim those digits. I never expected that I was chartering a very, VERY rich environment when I took time to write based upon local celebs… most particularly Angel Locsin.

Yes, I admit… I was indeed a fan of hers since the days she was the boyish Charley on Click. I also liked her in her short stint on the short-lived sitcom All Together Now where she played Bobot Mortiz’ daughter whose school uniform looks like a JAPANESE schoolgirl uniform! While it was her dramatic and action-adventure shows that made her peak, it was her quirky persona that launched her.

Anyway, this was the first lesson I learned after I posted the article. I have said this before and before… have I said before but… she has a lot of fans!

Another thing I learned is that I should never mix Angel and Marian Rivera in the same sentence. I don’t really like it when people hurl insults at each other but hey, everyone’s guilty in that department.

It’s kinda like when I hated Kobe Bryant and the rest of the Los Angeles Lakers when they were up against the Boston Celtics. Yes, Boston lost. I was hoping they won and let Kobe retire the league without winning a title against the Big Green but hey, shit happens. I have yet to write Laker-loving paragraphs even if my online buddy Chrisangelo and I had a bet that the loser would write “hearty” sentences for the winning team… but it’s easier now because I don’t hate them too much now.

I also hate him for dissing Marlou Aquino… but to give Chris credit, he knows little of the awesomeness of the Skyscraper.

(insert thunder and lightning sound effects)

Anyway… I’m just going to say about the things I spot in whatever place my eyes bridge upon.

And yeah…

The best thing I learned here is that when I need a stat boost, I’ll just do an article about a random celebrity and hope and pray she has the same amount of fans as that of Angel Locsin.

Is there Monica Herrera fans in the house?

Maila Gumila??

Madam Auring???

Game over.


  1. it was johnny delgado and not bobot mortiz who played angel's dad☺

  2. ows? hehe... but angel was mabait in that sitcom and johnny delgado's character then was mandurugas-like but he did have some amount of goodness in his role.

    man i miss johnny delgado's acting and worthwhile sitcoms in general.

    oh well. hehe...

  3. jorge... yes, you will get your wish... later...