Mythical 5 Predictions (PBA 2010-11 SEASON)

I am not sure yet if I can read the minds of the PBA selection committee. And this won’t be a lengthy read since I will reserve my energies when I tabulate my stats before Game 1 of the Finals. However, I know how to determine the players that played awesome all-season long and I will be seriously shocked if I don’t see their names at the awards ceremony.

Without further adieu…

JAMES YAP – B-Meg won the Philippine Cup and they are currently tied with Alaska for the most games in the Fiesta Cup. More games and more accolades mean a sure slot in the Mythical 5. But don’t be shocked if he wins the MVP award because he is basically the only source of local offense at the B-Meg camp especially with the absence of Kerby Raymundo. He’ll definitely lock the award if he manages to lead the Llamados to the Finals.

GABE NORWOOD – Remember when Rain or Shine can’t get a break at the start of the Philippine Cup? Sure Sol Mercado’s onslaught paved the way for the Elasto Painters to win the wildcard rounds, but it was Gabe who was with the team during their triumphs and hardships. He leads or is second in the team in most departments. The only problem is that Norwood will never win the MVP award because ROS never saw semifinal action.

LA TENORIO – If there is one person with an outside chance to spoil Yap’s second MVP plum, it’s definitely this guy. The luckiest Atenean this season is making waves with his brilliance in delivering the goods for the Aces. But while he is impressive this season, he needs divine intervention to score the feat. I am guessing that Alaska needs to advance to their second consecutive finals appearance and San Miguel must find a way to trash B-Meg.

ARWIND SANTOS – This guy has an awesome all-around game that people are shocked when his points, rebounds, assists, steals, or blocks dip to zero-point-something. The guy is a stat magnet and doing this in a talent laden team makes you wonder how much stat can he consume if he was a member of Barako or Sta. Lucia. However, the talent-laden SMB squad did pinch something from him, especially this Fiesta Conference. His numbers are down especially in the points and rebounds.

KELLY WILLIAMS – Machine Gun Kelly is always dominant. However unlike past seasons, 2010 was weird for Kelly. He just came from a career-threatening illness and when he came back, he needed to carry a talent-starved Sta. Lucia squad to victory. During the Fiesta Cup, Kelly was the talk of the trading block and true to the rumor, he saw himself moving to Team Pilipinas via Talk N Text – a team that would love his services but wouldn’t be solely depended on his services.

Aside from these five, I can see Joe Devance, Sol Mercado, Roger Yap, Macmac Cardona, Willie Miller, Marc Pingris, Cyrus Baguio, Jimmy Alapag, and Ranidel de Ocampo.

I can definitely see Devance or de Ocampo surprising people as a first team citation because of the fact that Williams and Santos aren’t really known as centers for their respective squads.

I’ll finalize this when the semifinals end.

Game over.


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