Oracle Octopus

There were a lot of lessons learned from the Germans’ defeat against Spain.

For one thing, never trust your country’s fate on an octopus.

They call him Paul, an insanely accurate psychic mollusk. Oliver Walenciak keeps the marine animal in close watch. He’s considering on doubling his efforts as Paul’s prediction that the Germans would fall to the Spaniards proved correct.

After Argentina’s loss to Germany, Argentine chef Nicolas Bedorrou posted an article on Facebook on how to cook an octopus. He has become a star in his own right, and a factor of such feat is PETA involvement with the creature, saying that Paul has been stressed out and he needs to return to the wild.

Marine biologists resented the thought since Paul has been domesticated and he’ll be good as dead if he is returned to the wild.

You just have to love PETA’s ignorance…

Anyway, Germany will still have a match and that’s a semifinal decision for third place against Uruguay.

Hopefully Paul picks the flag that would at least NOT MAKE HIM FOOD FOR OTHER PEOPLE!

Game over.


  1. Paul's an octopus. He was also accurate in saying that spain will win it all.