PBA Fiesta Cup Power Rankings - Start to July 16, 2010

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Anyway, the rank is back!

Here are the 30 biggest names of the 2010 PBA Fiesta Cup!

30 RONALD TUBID / KINGS – The influx of wingmen has destroyed his playing time in Ginebra but he can still score action via his veteran smarts.

29 JARED DILLINGER / TEXTERS – If Team Pilipinas wants him in their squad, now is the perfect time to claim him. While he clocks less time, at least he still performs well during crunch time.

28 RUDY HATFIELD / KINGS – His strong man style is still making his opponents cringe. As his playing time grows, so is his confidence to return to his Triple H-like persona.

27 TONY DELA CRUZ / ACES – He grabs balls with salivating gusto. No, TDC is not a sexual offender. For one thing this is what Tim Cone and the rest of the Aces want him to do.

26 JASON CASTRO / TEXTERS – Here is another guy affected by the coming of the Sta. Lucia guys in their roster. His numbers are coming in despite the minutes slash.

25 MARK CAGUIOA / KINGS – I expected this guy to have a poor classification phase and an awesome playoff run. Hopefully that awesome playoff run will not end on Sunday.

24 MARC PINGRIS / LLAMADOS – Sorely missed in the playoffs, this pro-defense jumping bean could be the catalyst on how B-Meg will end up this conference.

23 JAY-R REYES / PAINTERS – Heavily-relied by ROS to get a presence in the paint, ROS’ extended life in the Fiesta Cup is partly due to his peskiness.

22 JAYJAY HELTERBRAND / KINGS – After a MVP performance, he skidded off as the Kings’ top dog because of injuries but he is still the key playmaker of the squad.

21 WILLIE MILLER / KINGS – Perhaps Thriller is regretting why he demanded to bolt out of Alaska in the first place. With the firepower Ginebra has right now you can’t see this guy dishing out 30-game explosions (that is reserved for Caguioa)!

20 ROGER YAP / LLAMADOS – The Rabbit is hopping to provide the halfcourt sets that pretty much ends up with a string of deuces and pressure for his foes.

19 DONDON HONTIVEROS / BEERMEN – While most of his contemporaries in SMB have become role players, he hasn’t. Perhaps we should thank some noontime host for the inspiration she provides?

18 MIKE CORTEZ / KINGS – Playing for his fourth team in three years is probably pissing the hell out of the Cool Cat. At least he still provides the bang coaches want from him.

17 JOE DEVANCE / ACES – The speaker of the venue is finally imposing his will. He is playing better than in the classification phase and if the Aces want to advance, they’ll expect JDV to stand out.

16 HARVEY CAREY / TEXTERS – Silent but deadly – this is how Harvey Carey works. He scores in double figures and he is third in the team in rebounds… and no one seems to notice this.

15 RYAN REYES / TEXTERS – Sta. Lucia suffered with Reyes’ departure. Sure, K-Will is their top guy but remember when the Realtors survived a conference without Kelly because of his performance?

14 CYRUS BAGUIO / ACES – Miller’s loss is his gain. Doubling the playing time he got as a King, Baguio is now showing his prowess like when he was the top dog in Red Bull.

13 ASI TAULAVA / TIGERS – His stock will probably diminish following the Tigers’ ouster. When Coke was alive in the Fiesta Cup, the Rock proved to be a vital cog in their surge.

12 ARWIND SANTOS / BEERMEN – He tad less than what he did in the last conference, expect the Spiderman to inflict damage to score a championship. The joke’s on you if you belittle his reed-thin frame.

11 JAY WASHINGTON / BEERMEN – J-Wash has been a huge help in their route to the top and whoever the SMB coach is will need his services to clinch the crown for the squad.

10 LA TENORIO / ACES – Flying LA is Tim Cone’s eyes and ears on the court. He warrants the ball to dish out the plays that would frustrate the opposing team.

9 MACMAC CARDONA / TEXTERS – There is a reason why Shawn Daniels needs less time scoring and more time for banging the boards. Cardona’s offensive influence needs to culminate in order for them to reach the finals.

8 GARY DAVID / TIGERS – You can show that he is more comfortable in Bo Perasol’s system than in Yeng Guaio’s with the numbers he is producing. Though the team failed to reach the Q’Finals, his presence scared the hell out of his foes.

7 KELLY WILLIAMS / TEXTERS – This conference is pretty much a send-off before the Machine Gun joins the national team. While he isn’t the focal point of TNT’s offense, he still brings the damage to impose on the other squads.

6 JAMES YAP / LLAMADOS – Yes, we all know that his quality performances are being overshadowed by his (not so) personal life. The angst he has right now is getting released thru his sudden accurate swooshes. Maybe he is thinking that the ring resembles his annulment papers?

5 JIMMY ALAPAG / TEXTERS – Despite the egos in his team, he is still the chief organizer of the bunch. He leads the league in assists and he is one of seven TNT players scoring in double figures. By the way, has anyone noticed the number of TNT players in the rank?

4 ALEX CABAGNOT / BEERMEN – This is his third team this season and funny that his numbers remain consistent especially since he transferred to a talent-heavy squad… where he ranks third in minutes. While he can certainly sizzle, he is at his best when he dishes out the rock to his teammates.

3 RANIDEL DE OCAMPO / TEXTERS – He is voted as the top player of the Fiesta Cup’s regular season and no one should dispute this (even though I rated him third in my rankings). He shoots the ball well and he gets the things needed for the Texters to win. Why is TNT on top? Ask him and he’ll just show you his numbers as his answer.

2 SOL MERCADO / PAINTERS – Unlike SMB, TNT, Ginebra, and B-Meg, the Painters don’t have the depth so “The Soul Train” packs in heavy minutes so that the squad can stay afloat with the rest of the league. They have won two do or die games this season and they need this guy to shine if they want to reach the semis.

1 GABE NORWOOD / PAINTERS – If and when the Painters reach the semis, I’m locking him as the MVP of the Fiesta Cup. He does the dirty work with gusto and he provides all-around effectiveness for the squad. The Fire and Ice combo is pretty much the stream of life for the Painters. If they reach the finals, I’m sure I’ll probably tell you that he is a candidate to win MVP honors.

The next time you’ll see this, I’ll probably check out the season honors – from the very, very poor rookie class to my perceived candidate for the MVP award.


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