Pinoy Rap Battle is Awesome!

One time, my officemates and I were hanging out in our company’s gazebo.

Amidst our talking, we stumbled on something – how does hot chicks’ shit smells like.

Then we enumerated a lot of hot chicks and how their feces should smell like. I can’t really elaborate on this but they are either too racy or too perverted.

I am so industrious today that I almost forgot to feed my pet blog.

So I’ll shower it with love by feeding it with Pinoy epic flip-hop via Flip-Top.

I never knew this existed. If censorship never existed, this could be a good concept for a show. It’s amazing to see a couple of fast mouths engaging in a rap battle… especially if it’s Filipino.

My office tried to do a rap battle inside the office but it wasn’t a coincidence that they failed.

Anyway, here was the rap battle that I liked from the combustion of epic oratory that through online I witnessed.

I like how the Target person did his thing but the witty comebacks seemed like the Dello dude’s specialty which is basically the reason why he ruled the match.

Anyway, it was fun seeing Pinoy rap battles because it is funnier than US rap battles which is pretty much black culture. The most awesome sight I saw amongst rap battles sadly came from the Eminem movie, 8 Mile so this was refreshing.

I don’t like R&B but this shit I can dig!

Maybe I’ll try to hunt down something like this to check out the sites and hopefully catch a great rap battle.

On a related note, I think I have friends that can do battles awesomely… like Jorge and Bajie. Bajie is the bald guy here while Jorge was the curly, fat guy that sports an equally curly face pube.

While this is not a rap battle… hell, I think they can go head-to-head with the stuffs we just witnessed.

But then again…

Game over.


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