Redford White was Awesome

Buddy En Sol was one of the important Philippine sitcoms in the 90’s. Based loosely on the US sitcom Perfect Strangers, the show managed to bring out the funny with less overacting despite keeping the elements of slapstick. Eric Quizon played the goody-two-shoes city guy while Redford White played the bumbling country boy. Boots Plata was the brain behind the program. In silence I have been clamouring for the duo’s reunion. Situational comedy has been enjoying a comeback of sorts and I thought perhaps the duo can score a deal on one of the three major players.

But alas, it wasn’t meant to be as Redford White (Cipriano Cermeno in real life) succumbed to brain cancer last July 25. He was 54.

He was called the “Pinoy Joe” because he looked like an American citizen even if you talk to him; you find that he is Bisaya. He did a lot of slapstick movies in the 80’s like Rambo Tan-go, Hee-Man, Wrong Rangers, Kumander Anting-Anting, and Captain Yagit. He also caught mainstream fanfare with a slew of films from Star Cinema where he aligned myself with Babalu, Bonel Balingit, and Carding like Isprikitik: Walastik kung Pumitik, Tik Tak Toys: My Kolokotoys, Ala eh… con Bisoy! Hale-hale hoy! Laging Panalo ang mga Unggoy, Tong tatlong tatay kong pakitong-kitong, Haba-baba-doo… Puti-puti-poo, I Do I Die Diyos ko Day, and others.

Tell me: Who was among Donita Rose's leading men? Redford was one of them during "Teacher, teacher I Love You!"

The first recollection I had with the actor was during those Vietnam War B-movies of the 80’s (Delta Force is an example). I call them B-Movies because Viva, Regal, or Seiko for that matter didn’t produce it and it failed to chuck up those big stars. Man, they were so corny but if you think about it, seeing Cachupoy, Don Pepot, Tatlong Pinoy, Palito and Tatlong Itlog alongside Redford in one movie is a “dream team”. During the re-airing of Iskul Bukol in the late 90’s, did I notice that Redford was also a part of the series – he played Mang Temi’s waiter in the canteen where the Iskalera Brothers usually hang out.

The biggest contribution of Redford White in Pinoy Pop Culture was Buddy En Sol. Alongside Gabby Concepcion’s OK ‘Tol and ABC 5’s Dynamite Duo of Wow Mali and Tropang Trumpo, these four basically carved their names in comedy heaven as the popular shows that didn’t came from ABS or GMA. I remembered that it once placed 15th in one time in the overall ratings game with Regal Presents, Palibhasa Lalake, and Eat Bulaga leading the reigns. The show dropped though after RPN’s stupid strategy of changing the show’s timeslot every month (their merchandising was totally nonexistent back then). By the time the show faded though, the duo of Eric and Redford starred in two Buddy En Sol movies and a remake of Lucio and Miguel – whose original stars were Eric’s Dad Dolphy and his perennial partner-in-crime Panchito. Redford joined ABS where he starred in a couple of films (for Star Cinema) and a couple of comedy shows for both networks before he limited himself to mere TV guestings in the late 2000’s. Perhaps the last time I saw him in the big screen was when he cameo-ed in the Iskul Bukol “reunion” movie (the reunion was a mere 20 minutes in the starting point of the movie before it gone “archaeological”). I never saw Palos but he also appeared on that show.

At least he didn’t die poor unlike most of his contemporaries. He was rushed when to St. Luke’s Medical Center earlier in the week and if you look at his house, it is huge and well-furnished. If he didn’t have brain cancer, I bet he’ll be a wonderful comic relief for a random TV series. His comedic timing is impeccable and while he never won acting awards with his performances, he managed to win a bunch of fans that loved Pinoy Pop Culture. We never wanted to see him go but I bet he’s in heaven right now out-funnying Babalu!

Redford will be remembered not only for his pale-white skin but also for his brand of comedy. Doodling further, one trademark in the Buddy En Sol series were their “doubledeck” discussions where Redford will tell an obviously corny joke that would just pissed off Redford.

As if everyone has haven’t done that.

He will be missed.

Rest in peace you albino comedian you!

Game on.


  1. They always fail to include "Teacher, Teacher, I Love You" in his filmography whereas this was his "comeback" movie that also made its ways to the box-office. I remember reading one of his interviews after the movie hit the big screen and he was saying that he was very proud of this movie and that this also served as an eye-opener for him not to accept trash movies from then on for the sake of earning money.

  2. dude this was a great comment.

    you see I know the movie existed and I enjoyed it but I when I was checking out imdb or his filmography online, I can't spot this.

    looking back I think it did made him branch out from the b-movies he was doing in the 80's.

    and also... gabby, aga, richard, and robin didn't have donita rose as their leading lady!

    that is redford white for you.