Sausagefest 2k10: Ang Mahahangin sa Anawangin

Finally, after the almost two-month old teasers… the Anawangin adventure video has been… kind of finished.

Kind of finished because frankly… have you seen a laptop cry?

So text your friends, call your family members in abroad, and post this on your Facebook walls!

With two days removed since its shoot… is this still relevant?

The program is not responding.

I got that a lot from this project.

You can’t imagine what is it like to edit hours just to have that program terminated.

I knew that my laptop isn’t that powerful. If I wanted powerful, I would have bought a desktop instead but I wanted to sit and lounge anywhere I wanted and thus dimmed the importance of having a laptop. But dammit, every time my laptop asks me to save my files because I am working with low memory wants me to do things as amateurish as possible. I wanted to use after effects to edit this almost 10-minute piece but unfortunately, AE’s rendering time will probably last one day. Also for some reason, I can’t hear the video’s audio. My guess is that while installing, I thought it was a pretty whacked idea to take down some things that I don’t know how to operate.

This experience made me want to get a souped up desktop strong enough to work Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects simultaneously and with a humongous monitor to make the buttons not cramped inside a 14-inch space. I’ll also try to collar a digicam that can conveniently haggle a 640 x 480 frame and at least 10 megapixels because stretching the videos is making the video’s resolution a bit blurry.

Of course, I’ll probably do this when I am risky enough to shelve out righteous dough.

Yes, this is a disclaimer for those technical douches out there.

Anyway, I am presenting to you Sausagefest: Anawangin. This is the story of seven friends who took the audacity to travel a pristine paradise that technology and electricity has yet to disturb. If you think the ending is off, I’ll probably agree with you. While some parts have been altered, the flow is pretty much real-time. Without electricity though, I decided not to shoot the night time scenes even if this is where the action culminated.

I would like to thank Anawangin Cove, South China Sea, and Capones Island for being so dreamy. I would also like to thank a whole lot of human elements for making this trip worthwhile.

Maybe you should start watching to this now.

Again, for violent reactions… check out the ginormous disclaimer up top.


Game over.


  1. Ayus sa wakas... sa susunod sausagefest na may tinapay na...

  2. tinapay??? what the hell are you saying???