Take That! Number 1!

Welcome to the first installment of Take That.

My friend (I said friend so stop cussing me), the human barf Jorge and I had a discussion a few days back about “what if’s”. No, we didn’t talk about life in general because that would extremely suck (be seriously gay) but basically we talked about Pinoy Pop Culture.

We went on a conclusion that during those moments that Robin Padilla was in GMA, all manly programs should have featured him! Robin after all was THE MAN for a lot of gawky male teenagers. He can do no wrong after Bad Boy, Utol Kong Hoodlum, and Maging Sino Ka Man (Just like Aga Muhlach). Hell, even his dramatic exploits are well received by the male audiences!

We did agree that not all roles could be filled in by Robin Padilla (and this will be explained when this series inflicts damaged on my page views). So anyway, here was the first point of suggestion if a deranged gust of wind shook off history.

By the way, I don’t really know a lot of ABS programs. This is not me being biased (GMA rules!). I watch Showtime and Trip na Trip… I just don’t watch “the other side” of things.

Game starts now!


Take Two is basically a breakdown on all the things that happened during the “Network War Era”. There were a lot of hits created by this “phenomenon” but there were moments that it could have been better.

Time to check out Memory Lane… or the altered version of it!


Disclaimer: Imagine this was a week after Marimar ended.

Shaider was loved by fans because of two things: Alexis’ blue jacket and Annie’s panties.

I believe this should have been the perfect vehicle for the Dingdong Dantes-Marian Rivera love team.

Sure, Dyesebel was done to further enforce Marian’s growing star power then but they would have further bolstered Zaido if they made Dingdong Alexis and Marian as the hot Annie. I believe this is a better follow-up to their monster hit Marimar because it takes Marian out of the “water” element and…

Imagine the cuteness and the sexiness Marian will bring to that character.


Because the thing is this: except for Dennis Trillo, the star power was lacking in Zaido. Aljur and Kris blossomed as primetime watchables in All My Life which was roughly two years after Zaido. The fact it looked like Bioman when the show ended meant that the trio didn’t look strong enough to spike the ratings. Do I need to remember the “mini-Zaido” phase? That was forgettable. Also, the three “Pulis Pangkalawans” concept sucks. This was the major revolt purists had with the story. One lead Zaido would have been enough to combat Fuuma Le-Ar. Actually, Dennis could have carried the series by his lonesome… but

…Imagine Marian’s quirkiness and Dingdong’s cockiness?

That could have been awesome!

Just because she’s playing Annie doesn’t mean Marian is playing second fiddle. In fact, Annie was the heart of the original series. Give Marian and Dingdong the chemistry the guys from Nathan Fillion's Castle (or on a lesser extent Lie to Me) have! Let Dingdong do combat in the suit as Marian fly in and out of the frame just like what Annie was doing in the original series. If people want to see Marian’s beautiful body just like that legendary scene where she faced off with Katrina Halili in Marimar, have her fight the Amazonas in a swimsuit just like in the original series.

That would seriously encourage ratings spike!

One thing the original lacked was the love story element and this is where we Filipinos are great at. Give Alexis and Annie tension. Give Annie a human suitor that turns out to be Amazonang Itim (hot lesbian action) or make Alexis a chick magnet that Annie would get pissed at! Annie can be palengkera or stoic and it would look cool as long as the Alexis character is the polar opposite of the chick.

Seriously, that would have been awesome.


Take Zero is a “what if” I tried to perceive if some exec tries to re-make a show.


There is one actor in my head that can play this role well. Vhong Navarro has the ability to give justice to the tough-as-nails professor. He already had action star roles (even if you can’t really say X44 is an action movie) and he is gold in delivering punchlines. The problem is, he is not that “astig” enough.

Which brings me to THE MAN.

Imagine Robin Padilla as your teacher. He’ll make students study using violence, he’ll hit on the teachers, and he’ll pretty much destroy public property. But in this bad boy image, we know he is the good guy. There would be stunts, goons, blood, and gore which will pretty look abysmal with the addition of hot profs and comedy. Except for Asian Treasures, Robin has been too serious in his TV roles and this could be the perfect avenue to exploit his humorous side. Last time I checked, GMA owns the rights to GTO and last time I channel surfed, Robin and Vhong are in the other station.

You took this. Now tell me what you think?

Until next time!

Game over!


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