That Coffee Ad

My friend found this ad unsettling. Not this photo... but the ad she's in.

Your eyes should see what the deal is about.

Nescafe has always had great TVC’s. Recently, their ads have catered the youth sectors. Nescafe, during the 80's and the 90's, has always positioned itself as a coffee made for bosses and for the bosses “in their own eyes”. They are the perceived leader in the Philippines when it comes to powdered coffee – beating every major competitor they have faced over time.

In our current environmental setting, Nescafe found it a wise choice to target the youth. They have established a loyal following from the adults and it’s now time to sway the Starbucks-loving teens and yuppies to switch to their brand. I’m taking about those dudes and dudettes who can’t pay for fine dining so they go to coffee houses, teens that experience tipsiness and alcoholism so they need to have a quick fix (sometimes they pretend to be "tipsy" to prolong the date with an ambition to score), and people who “study” at these spots complete with a reviewer and laptop in tow. This is why Nescafe has taken out their typical ads where a suave exec sips a cup of coffee in the comforts of his work or home and replaced this with a bunch of teens either chilling out or doing school-related projects. From sponsoring Peabo Bryson and Kevyn Lettau visits, they have created a battle of the bands contest with Parokya ni Edgar and Bamboo as its notable endorsers and Palistuhan with Ramon Bautista and the late great Francis Magalona. The brand has evolved and branched out to coffee-in-cans, teas, and aroma coffees to further align Nescafe to the adults of the future.

The paragraphs I’ve written… it reminds when I was a college student doing advertising and marketing classes.

I am attentive in these subjects since I sleep during marriage and land reform class.

Anyway, the reason for those lines is that, according to my friend, the current Nescafe ads are allegedly disgracing the third sex community.


It has become a thing for brands to have versions of their ads. In this case, just like Clear, Nescafe chose to do two different sets of ads where they separate the Kapusos from the Kapamilyas.

On one side you see Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson, and Jake Cuenca.

On the other, we see Dennis Trillo and Carla Abellana.

Both commercials have gays in it but there’s a difference in terms of these gays.

In this day and age, perhaps EVERY field a career could be based upon has gays playing a major part. Formerly, they are seen in the creative and the artistic side of the corporate jungle but don’t be shocked if you find them working in courtrooms, hospitals, construction sites…

Hell, we have politicians and combat personnel who are members of their ever-growing community!

The only thing that separates these homosexuals from each other (the Nescafe ads) should probably be their net worth. The featured person alongside Dennis and Carla looks a bit like a director or a production designer than Jake and Kimerald have… who pretty much looks like a make up artist or a production assistant. I apologize if I cause a hint of disrespect but obviously, a typical snotty actor can goad the PA because he’s pretty much below the chain of power. Again, I am sorry for how I write this but that’s how I see it.

Speaking of visualizations, I didn’t hate the ad for the “sexist remarks”. Sooner or later, you will be cracking remarks that you didn't know you had in you. I do think however that the gay guy was interrupted before he could even finish his line. That's not polite. Worse, it came from the VO. I hope it was due to time constraints because it seems like the gay guy doesn't have anything good to say. While the Dennis/Carla version was kind of cute and the Kapamilya version has pretty much the humor of a Tito, Vic, and Joey 80’s movie, both acts of comedy failed to deliver the needed oomph for the punchlines.

It was also raised to my attention that “alpha males” were pretty much the persons that suggested the idea. This could be a powerful person to deal with since the concept wasn’t shot down and it did reach production and post production.

In 1954, Sampaguita Pictures created Jack en Jill which starred Lolita Rodriguez and Dolphy as the brother-sister pair with Rogelio de la Rosa playing the other lead. When Viva Films began remaking 50’s hits (starting with Jimmy Santos as Bondying), Sharon Cuneta, Herbert Bautista and Edu Manzano were asked to portray the original characters. Since 1954, the ugly and the visually scary gay character were known to the Pinoy film culture as hilarious.

I bet my balls that almost 90 percent of films in circulation have that token gay character – whether as an assistant, or a press person, or part of the slums wearing skimpy outfits and acting all fruity.

Sometimes, this act to attempt laughs still exists because it is a tried and tested formula… if it is done to perfection.

Since Jake Cuenca was the person responsible for the quote, he currently dons the "blame cape" for this. But fear not; think of this as his way to do something vengeful against the ones that exploits him.

Have you seen how fashion designers toy with those muscle-clad men? Who in his righteous semblance of morals would wear a brief that shows your ass!?! He did this during that Bench Uncut event to please girls and pseudo-girls. And last year… when he went inside his briefs to grab his privates… he was instructed to do such! Yes, some way and some how I feign to not hear about the murmurs and I honestly want to believe that a higher power has tasked him to make himself really, really icky. There is no way that he thought this is a wonderful idea because if he did think of this on his own… he has issues.

Disturbing issues… if you are a man.

Have you seen the picture attached to this article? Why do you think Kim Chiu, barely a part of the article, is the one pictured and not Jake? I am a bloke. A dude! A guy whose soap opera is Monday Night Raw! While some of us can bear looking away on very, attractive ladies… there is no sense to call as such if we delight to see other butt-naked men.

Plus Kim Chiu’s face is a more fitting image to look at.

In conclusion, I have to admit that the Kimerald version was the funnier version amongst the two. While it wasn't earth-shattering, it was enough for me to steal the idea and make it my own.

Let’s just end this at that.

Game over.