Third Place Finish!!!

I did my best “coach” impersonation and we finished third place.

We finished fourth last year.


The semifinal games happened last July 24. Unfortunately bad weather postponed the match but since we can’t restart the match as it was 2:41 left in the third quarter, we came on July 31, at around 9am

Yes, I managed to drag my skin out of bed to catch the action at 9am…

… Looking to change the 14-point deficit the other team has blasted us for a come from behind victory en route to the final.

However, we failed to make the stops to erase the lead. Add the fact that we only had six players compared to their twelve… we were battling fatigue and stress. 12 minutes of full-court and half-court press were enough to drain our energies. We finished the game in the losing end 81 to 65, and it relegated us to the battle for third place.

We waited for a little under four hours to play the third place match.

We had to watch the volleyball finals.

And it was testosterone heaven.

Well… no actually.

Have you seen a couple of 6-feet gigantic gay gays wearing skimpy outfits?!?

Anyway, the third place watch had former PBA courtside reporter and current GMA News reporter Lala Roque and former Bagets star and former FHM cover Mama Eula Valdez on opposite ends of the spectrum. Watching Eula and Lala play reminded me of Star Olympics.

For a minute, I thought I was watching Snacku Green battling Tide White!

We like to think gays don’t have oomph when they battle their boy-boyfriends but when you see them whacking those volleyballs like they were Viva Hot Men’s asses’ makes you cringe in fear! Even the smallest of them can wallop the ball like some sort of evil Japanese Spitz or something! Eula's team claimed the third place as they dominated Lala's team two sets to nil.

When it came to the third place match of the basketball games though, we led by five points in the end of the first quarter which became seven by halftime... and then it ballooned with a high of 32 in the third quarter before settling to an 84 to 55 winning margin. I thought I read some of the other team's antics on the money although I don't really look at it as a feat especially since their offense was one-dimensional.

The other team had a couple of incredible outside shooters but there were a couple of problems in their system namely, 1) their guards can’t dribble well, 2) they lack inside offense, and 3) they had no answers for our fast breaks. For the duration of the tournament, we had been on fights, and our ref-bashing words have been an everyday thing. Even if they tried to invent infractions, our vent-up rage for losing the third place game were enough to defeat them.

We received a 2,000 peso cash prize which was spent at the Baliwag restaurant in Visayas Avenue.

While it was not the happy ending we hoped for, at least we improve on our standing. Eight players (two players were added in the afternoon game) played for the team that games and perhaps we need to iron out the kinks for next year’s squad. We lost only one game this year and at least our losing margin was trimmed down from 25 (in the two games we lost last year) to 16!

We are still in need of a big guy (our frontline is capable but we lack depth at this position) and a capable backup point guard but at least we have 70 percent of the squad with a thirst for winning.

Last year, I didn’t want to return as coach (I have been carrying the assistant coach tag because I just want to be the guy that takes out the players when they need to rest) but I can’t say this for next year. Hopefully they find a coach that didn’t learn playmaking through playing NBA Live but if I return next year, I want a big guy that can run for fifteen minutes nonstop and a point guard or a small forward that can shoot outside jumpers.

Game over.

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