Twitted my last

Perhaps the saddest part of working late is when you hear the Philippine National Anthem glaring at your extremely quiet workplace.

Sad… sad… sad.

I am here for personal matters though. My boys met up in some watering hole to brag about the fine things in life. The only thing I can brag is my enormous manhood… but even that is debatable.

Hey I just returned to work sporting alcohol breath!

That’s is actually enough to jolt my brain!

When I returned from the office, my GF is finishing up on her work.

Then I did something that pissed my off.

I logged in to Twitter.

This… pissed… me… off.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter knows no games that people can enjoy. All it has are 148 or so letters where you can write and plug your rants. How is this a “threat” to the world of office-dom escapes me. Why the hell would you block Twitter?!? Our admin overlords are monsters… monsters I tell you!

What? No lengthy repetitive context?

The reason for this is that I will leave now.

And luckily I wasn’t the last person to live the office.

Game over.


  1. Maybe you should just get back to work!

  2. hmmm... this could be my boss so I'll just need to keep quiet.

    *whistle* *whistle*