Walking Wet: Make or Break!

Last Saturday, July 24, I could have gone out with my friends.

I should have gone to my GF’s friend’s shower party.

Or I could have just stayed at my house.

I chose to stay at the comforts of my couch watching TV.

Whoever told you that we are currently experiencing drought needs to walk in the rain.

Last Saturday, I woke up at around 9:30am because I needed to attend the semis matchup that involves our department and the bull-strong engineering department. This is our second consecutive final four appearance in two years which is a feat considering at was just three years ago when our team never had a win. I was reluctant doing head coaching chores so I’m pretty much the guy calling the shots when the playing coach decides to play.

If we had two post up guys that sprints in defense and attacks the rim even if he’s not facing the basket... and has at least the size Noli Locsin and Bong Hawkins that doesn’t come to the game with a hangover, then that would have been more awesome.

During halftime we were up by two, 34 to 32. Unfortunately the engineering team saw the lack of our transition defense and they pounded us on that department. Turnovers were also an issue and if you string that all together, you get an insane 14-point lead with 2:41 left in the third quarter.

The game was postponed to Wednesday night though. Too bad the shaded court of the DAR gym wasn’t really that shaded. When the water began to leak, the game subsequently stopped. After an hour of rain, the games were halted.

I dragged myself out of bed for this?

I carpooled with my officemates until Philcoa. Rains raged the metro like hell... and too bad that I basically went out without anything but my wallet... because I was in for a treat. I was headed to my house when I second-guess whether I should ride a taxi or a jeep. I chose a jeep. Unfortunately that jeep wasn’t headed for Fairview and instead I was stuck on a plight to UP!

Yes, I was that stupid! The side of the jeep is different from the signboard.

I learned that the pretty hard way.

So my drenched self went out of the jeep amidst the rain. Luckily a taxi was there awaiting a customer. I rode the cab. I thought I was embarking on an easy trip home but moments later…

Damn it, there was traffic on the way to my subdivision.

There are only two things that can stop me from my journey to my house – accident or flood.


The driver basically said that I’m on my own and I actually expected that.

I braced 500 meters of slight downpour. There was a slight spike of rain flooring the road which was basically knee-deep and I had to hurdle it for me to sight bliss.

As soon as I flood a tricycle that was en route to my house, I took it. After thirty minutes (twenty of those was staged through walking), I got home. I told my tale to my GF and then I showered and soaped heavily to take out the stench of rainy flood water. This pretty much terrorized what event I should attend in the evening. I'd rather hug my bed than to find myself drenched in the rain.

Man, the weather is so unpredictable these days!

As for the game, with twelve minutes left, he composed of the plan of gung-ho! The five men playing need to sprint ardently from both ends of the court if we want to save our chances to headline the championship game.

Is it an impossible task?




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