2010 PBA MOCK DRAFT (The Final Version - As of August 27, 2010)

I finally finished my mock draft. This is super final. This cannot be changed.

With the importance of online research going full steam, the results of what I think will unfold in the 2010 PBA Draft is now complete!



So here are the 20 names that I hope to see in the draft with the teams I predicted them to be on!


It has come to my attention that there 21 picks in the 2010 PBA Draft!


I discovered this while snooping around various websites and I discovered PBA-ologist Fidel Mangonon’s Twitter account. They added an extra pick for virtual newcomer Meralco. Yes, this made me some sort of an internet stalker but what you call stalking…

I call researching!

Also, I discovered that San Miguel RELINQUISHED their draft pick to Powerade! A rookie was saved from pro ball hell! Actually, I found a lot of changes that would probably tinker draft selections.

Anyway, it’s not as if this is relevant.

I just want to predict things.

I like the way how my pet blog has a ratings spike.

Hopefully this spike would last after the PBA season.

So here is my most definite prediction of the 2010 PBA Draft.



1 AIR21 / RABEH AL-HUSSAINI – I believe it’s a cruel joke to pick Rabeh number 2 or 3 just to drive him insane. That’s Yeng Guiao’s chore. One factor that would surely boost the Express is his ability to score via low post or by short stabs. His defense is invaluable as well. Hopefully he won’t get any ideas to return to Smart-Gilas.

2 AIR21 / NONOY BACLAO – The guy is lean but he also has size. Do not expect him to become a goldmine on offense (a part of his game he needs to develop) but he is your man in terms of defense. Looks like Yeng Guiao found himself an import stopper. Is he the PBA’s next Defense Minister?

3 AIR21 / ELMER ESPIRITU – He can play both forward positions and he can leap to either dunk or block shots. He has defense like the first two mentioned but he has a better shooting range that Guiao could exploit. I’m guessing teams like Ginebra would try to claim this pick though. Yeng please save Enrico Villanueva’s career!

4 TNT / JIMBO AQUINO – People are saying Josh or Sean but my gut is telling me that Chot Reyes is looking for a Cardona clone. It will take a while for him to develop but this bigger version of Captain Hook has the potential to become a superstar in this league. Yes, I am hoping he gets the break!

5 ROS / SEAN ANTHONY – What if Gabe Norwood and Sol Mercado fused? I was hoping to say baby but that’s a little too gay for these readers. Anthony could be their spawn. If he can play four positions, then he is what Rain or Shine ordered. They could pick a big man but they’ll have better luck in free agency.

6 AIR21 / RJ JAZUL – With all the big bodies Yeng Guiao engulfed, it is time for him to shore up his backcourt. Jazul is a good offense/defense player and his services should matter when they need a spark of the bench. Also with all the rumors surrounding Renren Ritualo’s move to Coke, picking Jazul is something they need to do.

7 GIN / JOSH VANLANDINGHAM – The last thing this team needs to do right now is to draft a guard. They are overloaded in these spots right now but if Vanlandingham is still available, they could probably keep the best player left or give him up for a team that badly needs players. Barako Bull should beg for a trade.

8 GIN / PARI LLAGAS – He has improved offensively to sync it with his rebounding tenacity. He could play the power forward spot for the Kings but he can also be quick enough to be in their fast breaking lineup. Llagas could languish in the bench but with the health of Ginebra’s bigs, I’m sure Jong Uichico can find time for him.

9 BMEG / FORD ARAO – The logic behind here is that Kerby Raymundo is injured. Sure, the team has a lot of frontliners riding their bench but they need an able body until Kerby heals from sickbay. Also, Don Allado and Romel Adducul’s contracts are up and they could look for a team that can give them playing minutes.

10 ALA / JOHN SMITH – I don’t really know who this guy is but Smith has been in Tim Cone’s wish list for some time now. His entry could give LA Tenorio more time to rest. He can also play both guard positions and could be a great relief for the big guns. I’m just hoping he’ll play well enough to land some graces from the Alaska fans.


11 MER / REY GUEVARRA – Fresh from his Gilas stint, this guy is out to prove that he can dominate even if he’s recovering from an ACL injury. Larry Fonacier is an example that ACL injuries will have little effect on a player’s effectiveness. Look at him now. Guevarra needs to make his self extremely productive for the talent-hungry Bolts.

12 GIN / MARVIN HAYES – The guy is not as big as some of the power forwards in the draft but this doesn’t mean he is ineffective. He is a workhorse in the mold of Willy Wilson or gasp… Rudy Hatfield. Ginebra heavily relies on backcourt scoring that all Wilson needs to do is claim the boards and defend at all costs.

13 BMEG / JOHN WILSON – This guy was a former NCAA MVP. He is strong and is a good defender and yet he can deliver offensively. There is a need for the Llamados to shore up their bench and he could make waves rotating in the three small positions. Hopefully he can be an effective player under the tutelage of Gallent.

14 MER / SHAWN WEINSTEIN – I taught he didn’t exceed expectations during the rookie camp but rumors are coming in about his potential. I saw the online pics and while he looks impressive, we can only check out what he could do when the draft takes place.

15 ALA / GIO CIRIACRUZ – The guy seriously reminds me of Bong Hawkins in his heyday and Alaska should claim him if he is available. Unlike Devance, Ciriacruz’ has less range and less muscle. However, Ciriacruz was a go-to-guy in Arellano where he starred for the squad by scoring, rebounding, passing, and being an intelligent player.

16 MER / BAM GAMALINDA – He can play the forward spot for the squad. He is playing well in the rookie camp. While he looks as if he’ll be in the mold of Kelvin Gregorio, Ryan G. will find ways to effectively use him. Besides, they’ll probably pick at least one San Beda Tiger applying for the draft to make things “Lion-y” for the Bolts.

17 BAR / KHASIM MIRZA – If Barako finds Mirza untouched, then they should consider themselves lucky. He can play at least four positions if he is asked to but his game is pretty much of the slashing genre and nothing else. Hopefully Barako finds a way to claim a first round pick but they should be super contented in selecting Mirza.

18 AIR21 / MARK CANLAS – This Pampango will fit well in Yeng Guiao’s huddle dialect-wise. One thing Canlas has is he can defend well. He can score… but with the way Air21’s rookies are stacked right now, he’ll probably earn his battle scars by hustling, making defensive stops, having grace under pressure, and have the will to win.

19 POW / JAI REYES – Ateneo’s spitfire should be glad to score a seat at this point because this is a team that could use his three-point shooting and playmaking abilities wisely. He is also a top notch clutch performer. Coke lacks star power in their PG spot and Jai-namite could lift Powerade’s chances in the coming season.

20 AIR21 / BORGIE HERMIDA – If Yeng Guiao has six picks in a draft that allows only 21 draftees, I’ll assume Guiao will be poised to go to the mic and pass. This will seriously make grown men cry. However, if Air21 decides to pick a player, they can pick up a brilliant playmaker like Hermida. I just hope they give up these picks to teams that would use them properly.

21 ALA / JAMES MANGAHAS – A draft is not a draft if a DLSU player isn’t involved. Sure, their ambassadors aren’t that well received this year, but James Mangahas could be a steal in this turn. He can play slasher and shooter and while he wouldn’t garner significant impact, he can be a project Alaska could work on.

For those undrafted, never worry. Barako Bull, Meralco, Coke, Rain or Shine, and Talk N Text are among the squads that could use extra talent. FEU’s JR Gerilla and Marlon Adolfo, San Beda’s JR Tecson and Jay-R Taganas, Letran’s John Melegrito Fred Malabago, UST’S Melchor Gile and Chester Taylor, La Salle’s Hyram Bagatsing and Peejay Barua, UE’s Rudy Lingganay, Toti Bandaying and Rob Labagala, San Sebastian’s Froi Saquillo, UP’s Kevin Astorga, Mapua’s Ian Mazo and Neil Pascual, PCU’s Ramon Retaga and Lizstian Amparado, and Liga mainstays Alan Husted and Raymond Montaniel could still see PBA action for other squads. Gerilla is one of those that could likely land in some squad, perhaps Barako Bull or Rain or Shine.

And perhaps they can watch their stock rise when the PBA Developmental League starts.

They probably double their effort though because this means they have to slug it out with veterans and free agents trying to keep their spots in the league. Last season, Japeth Aguilar asked for a trade that would send him to Smart-Gilas. First round pick James Sena failed to play for San Miguel as well as second round selections Edwin Asoro, Sean Co, and PJ Walsham. Among the players that played for their teams with ten games and less were Aguilar, Mark Benitez, Benedict Fernandez, Charles Waters, and Orlando Daroya. Mike Burtscher, Kevin White, and Chris Timberlake barely made any impact for their squads.

Hopefully these rookies go to teams that would use them wisely.

By the way, catch my 2010 PBA Draft Review here!!!

Game over.

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