Angel's Myra TVC (as promoted by Nuffnang Philippines)

As I visited Nuffnang Philippines, I saw this article about Angel Locsin’s newest Myra TVC.

I don’t want to sound like an uber fan so I’m going to critic on the ad.

THE AD: Well, it is dreamy. And it reminds me a lot of those star-crossed lovers’ movie themes. I am not complaining one bit though. I mean the way it was presented had oomph in it. Angel was sultry but they managed to make her sophisticated as well.

Anyway, Luis Manzano’s addition to the TVC adds a bit of intrigue and controversy. It almost feels like that the TVC is milking that Luis is still in love with Angel even if they are broken up. Sure, they are already broken up…

But this TVC is suggesting love a second time around.

So is this real or is this merely for the purpose of promoting Myra-E to the public?

Angel Locsin is indeed the Philippines’ answer to Korea’s Jun Ji-Hyun. I can see a similar movie concept from what I saw from these two. There is realness in their emotions and mix that with Angel’s angst and Luis’ brand of comedy, I can see something that would make Angel fans go giddy with gusto.

Anyway who ever directed managed to promote the product and at the same time to a well-directed ad.

Gotta give props for this.

Game over.


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