Beat it, Dancing Zombie!

PopCap, makers of the insanely-wonderful Plants versus Zombies game, has finally buried the Dancing Zombie

… Forever!

Turns out the tireless workers from the Michael Jackson estate is demanding the deletion of the character because it’s not really paying its respects for the beloved icon. In death they have been restoring Michael Jackson’s image as that guy that wowed a lot of people with his singing and dancing skills… and not the guy that was accused as a child molester. The Plants versus Zombies character’s look and feel strongly resembles the King of Pop when he belted Thriller that launched his superstardom into full throttle!

The tower defense game that has been insanely popular to kids and yuppies who want to slack off during work hours is cool about the inquiry. As of this moment they are developing a brand new character that will dance… but is disco-themed a la Disco Stu from the Simpsons. Maybe they can hatch a new dimension to the strengths of the character since the Dancing Zombie does have the ability to summon but barely poses a threat to the plants.

Here are a couple of zombies they should consider:

Angry acoustic singing chick zombieAlanis Morrisette (or Madonna) would cringe at the sight of a bug-eyed, long and black haired chick that blows wind and swings a guitar on near zombies!

Boy band zombie – Imagine five zombies that sways to the beat of random synthesizers dancing and pounding in a synchronized manner.

Hippie zombie – he emits smoke and any zombie that is near him will be in a lawless, powerful state. He could look like Jimi Hendrix.

Kiss zombie – Just like the football zombie, he is quick and he slams the guitar to the ground in a continuous manner that makes you wonder if the Gene Simmons pegged-zombie should be one of the bosses in this game.

Elvis zombie – While I like his jumpsuit version, I’ll choose his Jailhouse Rock version instead. He’ll pop from the sky where a bunch of lady zombie will appear, causing a stampede! But of course, maybe the Elvis estate people would say otherwise.

So long, Dancing Zombie… and the backup dancers!

We will never forget you!

However… where can we get the patch with the Disco zombie?

Game over.