The Big Sweat looming for The Big Sleep

I pity Tracy McGrady.

A couple of seasons ago, The Big Sleep was a sought-after star.

He just signed a one year, 1.35USD deal to go to the Detroit Pistons.

What the fuck.

For T-Mac to have a veteran’s minimum makes you wonder how someone of his caliber would end up like this. This is why players shouldn’t bounce from team to team. Joe Dumars, Kevin McHale, Reggie Miller, and Sam Jones didn’t have 30-plus averages but their numbers were retired because they stuck with one team.

Take Vergel Meneses, Nelson Asaytono, and Bong Alvarez for example. Was there any doubt that they are better than Bong Hawkins? Unlike the three mentioned Hawkins is not acrobatic nor is he a go-to-guy. But somehow he managed to fit in Tim Cone’s system which gave multiple Mythical Team selections and a grand slam.

Meneses played for Presto, Sta. Lucia, the RFM franchise, Ginebra, Air21, Red Bull, and Talk N Text. That is sixty percent of the PBA’s population. Alvarez on the other hand played for Alaska, Sta. Lucia, Shell, San Miguel, Ginebra, the Pasig Pirates and the Pampanga Dragons in the MBA, Air21, and Talk N Text. Now that’s 70 percent of the current PBA teams. As for Asaytono, The Bull could have been a hit if Red Bull came a few years early. The Bull played for Purefoods, the RFM Franchise, San Miguel, and Red Bull. If you look at this, the team that should retire his #11 jersey is San Miguel. Coca-Cola could also retire his jersey if they consider Swift and Sunkist in their history. Abet Guidaben, a “journeyman” in his own right might have switched teams a lot in his career, but he is forever linked to the storied franchise known to many as Crispa. Asaytono could also be in that spot if people remember that he once almost averaged 30 points in one conference.

Meneses could also retire as a Coca-Cola Tiger but with what number since he traded jersey numbers at least six times in his career?

And what about Bong Alvarez who bounced from team to team without establishing a lasting legacy?

If you feel for Danny Ildefonso, Danny Seigle, and Olsen Racela as they transition from starters to benchwarmers in San Miguel, you need to feel more for the Aerial Voyager and Mr. Excitement.

Returning to McGrady, I think he’s better off returning to Houston with the veteran’s minimum contract. Orlando could also be a candidate. He needs to understand that the current market deviates from oft-injured players that has never won a series game in the playoffs.

A tough road will face him with Ben Gordon, Tayshaun Prince, and Rip Hamilton playing in his position. With his size, he can go as high as power forward but you see… does he have the “power” to play that position?

What is mind-numbing is that he could end up like Penny Hardaway, a player of his same caliber that was unceremoniously waived as if his past accomplishments didn’t matter.

Would that happen to T-Mac?

I hope not.

Game over.


  1. I've been a Detroit Pistons and Tracy McGrady (not his teams, though) fan for almost a decade now and while this move to sign him excites me, I'd really hate to see him come off the bench. However, there's no way, I think, he'd be able to wrest that starting spot from Tayshaun. Not only is he battered by his injuries over the last few years (and he's way, way past his prime), but he's probably going to be more productive as a sixth man behind Prince and Gordon, so the coaching staff might just keep him on the bench for relief duties.

    That said, I'm excited to see him play next season. At least there's something to look forward to in the Pistons' games because everyone already knows they won't make it far in the postseason, if they ever reach it.

  2. i'm optimistic though that someone would pick him up to bolster their bench.

    if he plays like what jerry stackhouse did with the bucks last season, then he'll likely be a major force people should check out.