FHM in 3D!!!

Imagine if your mom sees you jacking off...

... With your 3D glasses on.


I wasn’t supposed to buy the August 2010 issue of FHM.

No offense to anyone, but I’m not really a fan of Priscilla Meirelles. The former Miss Earth is hot by all means and John Estrada is such an awesome judge of beauty but she’s just not my cup of tea. The Brazilian I like to look at is Daiana Menezes and I am more of an Asian person more than anything.

But when I saw the 3D glasses, it got me thinking.

Hmmm... (by the way, you know this is an out-of-office post because it doesn't have a summary... and I don't know why).

This year, FHM managed to revolutionize their product. I commend them for giving importance to their cover girl. I remember when the pics a typical cover girl gets were almost 70 percent less of what the current product is giving. I still believe that they’ll get massive fanfare once they use their cover girls wisely. Maybe Cristine Reyes will have a new show... maybe they could have a shoot of the same look and feel. Maybe Angel Locsin needs more publicity for her Fuel Up Bar. Or maybe... just maybe... a random Kapuso star needs to promote a new endeavour and they are hoping a FHM spread would do them wonders.

We are living in a time where HD TV’s will rule the generation so I was naturally curious on the FHM 3D thing. By concept, this should be kick ass.

The problem was though it did manage to wallet damage the male population... it kind of failed to live up to expectations.

For those who bought the issue, there is a reason why 3D glasses have red and blue colors and there is a reason why there are red and green lines on the pictures. You just became a victim of optical illusion when you jiggy over the fact that the pic is floating once you put on the glasses.

While I dug some of the pics, men would want more. We are men... with 3D glasses... and wanting more is merely stating the obvious. After the pictures, we’ll absolutely scan the whole issue to find “hidden 3D images”. If you think they’ll take out the glasses once they finished ogling on the pics, then you are wrong!



The 3D pics are either cool or lacking. The pics that stood out for me are the images of the Premiere Vixens. Almost nude chicks in 3D are cool! Art-wise though, the Angelica Panganiban 3D picture is the best. While I’ll argue with myself that the Cristine Reyes pic is more dynamic, the attention to detail of 3D guy Bong Sevilla is outstanding. This is the Angelica pic that she was bathing on a Jacuzzi were we can see petals and flowers. I like this because the flowers looked as if they are floating in water and the water looked deep in the perceived bird’s eye view standpoint. The Cristine Reyes pic is also great but detail-wise, the Angelica pic ruled. The pics of Jackie Rice, Katrina Halili, and Iwa Moto are runner-ups.

The other pictures are lacking because it looked as if they just placed red and green lines for the sake of merely putting red and green lines on their pictures. The Ehra Madrigal pic didn’t really stood out and while I liked the intention (Ehra’s 3D parts are basically near her chest area), it had less movement and you need to convince yourself that there is something moving for you to understand it which is unlike the Angelica and the Cristine pictures. Same goes for Angel Locsin and Sam Pinto although you saw that he tried here. The Bangs Garcia pic was just somewhat sloppy... especially on the hair part.

All in all, I think this left a bunch of readers begging for more. I hope they can do an issue where people need to use the 3D glasses to check out the pics of the issue because as witnessed by this, it is seriously doable.

Try to iron out a few kinks and FHM could be pretty much stumbled on a goldmine.

The visual eye candy will make you forget the fact that the Priscilla cover shoot was tame (even tamer than Angel Locsin’s which is odd) considering she has already posed for Playboy Philippines (although I never read PP). The fact you need to see the boner-killing Superbonngg in two separate articles posing like a DTNL is icky as well.

Again let me state the fact that jacking off with your 3D glasses on is extra geeky!

Game over!


  1. hi syd! dropping by here! i love your idea...hahaha FHM in 3d. sana nga..

  2. meron na nga kaso sana at least 90 percent nung mag.

    parang kaya naman e.