The hole that proved to be a goldmine

Yes, your eyes don’t deceive you.

Indeed, there are two Tagalog movies in Trinoma right now.

One must ask if the current date is two weeks removed from the annual Metro Manila Film Festival.

No, it’s not.

To quote my buddy Evilbrain, “Dry land is not a myth”.

Anne Curtis did not need to flash her pearly white skin prominently to please men. Hell, do you think there are students and yuppies driven on watching In Your Eyes? If you ask me, I’ll probably say no but don’t let me be the judge of things. The current cinema experience relies heavily on a remastered top grosser and a couple of B-movies that you can enjoy in the comfort of your favourite Manong DVD (or shops that sell pirated movies). Mamarazzi was the other featured movie but it seems like it was In Your Eyes that’s reaping money at the box office.

You can’t deny that foreign movies rob the revenues that the local cinema should be getting. Can someone from the Philippines tell me who will regulate the overabundance of foreign flicks? From March to June, I expect big budget US movies to scatter their awesomeness in Philippine soil. Producers would welcome this since they’ll probably try to copy whatever coolness these flicks offered. However, there should be a time out. MTRCB must know that these flicks should have an off switch every now and then. I remember that this was also the time when Kimmy Dora dominated the movie houses and made Eugene Domingo a superstar.

Coincidence or not, In Your Eyes is enjoying box office success because the only big-budget movie existing in the screens is the testosterone-heavy movie The Expendables. The Expendables is cool… but only if you are a man. Sure, there are chicks that adore these macho stereotypes flaunt their masculinity in the big screen but I there you, ask any women about this Stallone movie and they’ll just wonder long enough to tell you that they didn’t even know that this flick requires a story.

The Tagalog also got favourable reviews for the collective that previewed it.

Thank Claudine Baretto and Anne Curtis for that.

Richard Gutierrez?



Maybe film outfits would be brave enough to challenge those foreign like during the time when foreign movies are weak compared to Aga Muhlach, Richard Gomez, Andrew E, FPJ, Dolphy, Sharon, Vilma, Nora, and Tito, Vic, and Joey!

Game over.


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