Learning makes me fall asleep as if on cue but if I find something that I can use then I’m all ears.

This is the reason why I’m trying to learn After Effects from Cindy.

Expect no safe word… whip… and even a book of demented stuffs.

But then, you’ll probably cover your eyes from the GIF file you’ll see.

This is what happens when the mistress meets the parasite.

Miss Minchin. Remember this woman? She was the self-righteous maestra of Princess Sarah. When she found out that Sarah was no longer the wealthy “Princess of Diamonds” she once was, Miss Minchin ordered her to become her slave. But even before she became poor, Sarah would always be intellectually molested by this terror teacher.

She doesn’t sugarcoat anything. She’s direct to the point. She’s pretty much the old lady you dread!

I remembered Miss Minchin when Cindy was teaching me basic After Effects last Saturday, August 21, 2010 (Ninoy Aquino Day). We met in Trinoma and then headed to Starbucks Tomas Morato to begin my “tutorial”. It’s not like I wanted to use this AE knowledge for financial growth. I just wanted a more creative way to make people see my blog in a more awesome manner.

Anyway, she demanded me to create a Photoshop file which I will animate later. It took two “wrong” concepts (failure due to lack of layers) before we chose a picture of Hyubs getting blinded by my beautiful body as our “canvas”.

I placed glow and wiggled the layers just like if I was doing it on Premiere Pro. The results were brutal. If Cindy didn’t know me, I was merely doing something so that she could correct it (which was really my goal).

So she taught me the right way.


She taught me her technique with regards to wiggling and she improved my layers. She also made my image do weird things.

The urine-like lightning was all hers though!

Well... I baited her to put that... BUT SHE WAS THE ONE WHO PLACED THAT IN!


Yes, I’m trying to pin the blame on my GF.

I feel so manly right now.

Anyway, one thing I learned from this lesson is that Cindy has the brains to seriously be creative. While I forgotten most of the things she taught me (putting me on a spot to learn is progress already), she explains well... even as if she’s a random communist dictator (a HOT random communist dictator) and I’m a lowly farmer hoping for land reform. While my mind drifts to other things like Facebook and my pet blog (I managed to put one quick embed article in my blog), she had her moments wowing me. I got a bunch of cheat codes that she’s using during work proper and it’s all fine for me.

And the most important thing is that I learned from my woman is that she can think like me. I am not exactly a saint and most of my articles have gotten me to some lengthy communication dry spells but I’m happy she “tries” to emulate my awesomeness!

This is like when Ziva tries to out-prank Tony Dinozzo on NCIS.

Yes, I love NCIS right now.

But not as much as I love her.


Game over!


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