Major, major WIN!!!

I’m against in saying that her feat was divine intervention because it robs her of the hard work she put in this event.

Perhaps she was inspired by a well-known personality who was recently deceased…

Nope… that personality is NOT policeman-turned-hostage taker Ronaldo Mendoza but former Binibining Pilipinas-International Melody Gersbach.

Somewhere in heaven, someone must be smiling at her feat.

Again, that person is NOT policeman-turned-hostage taker Ronaldo Mendoza but former Binibining Pilipinas-International MELODY GERSBACH!!!

24 hours removed from what is said to be an embarrassing moment in Philippine history, Venus Raj outlasted a lot of beautiful women to place fourth runner-up in the 2010 Miss Universe Beauty Pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. This came off the heels of Melody’s tragic road mishap when a big vehicle crashed into their vehicle.

She emerged as one of the favorites to win this event that featured Miss Mexico winning the tilt and Jamaica, Australia, and Ukraine placing in front of her.

While this didn’t duplicate the wins Gloria Diaz and Margie Moran got, it was still one of the highest placings in recent history since Charlene Gonzales was in the Top 6 in 1994 and Miriam literally fell to the first runner-up honors in 1999.

She almost didn’t made Las Vegas when she was on the verge of getting replaced by the Binibining Pilipinas organizers. This was because she had citizenship issues that were making it difficult for her to secure her passports.

Well, at least these organizers finally relented.

Oh wait…

Imagine if they dethroned her… that would suck.

Her exotic looks proved vital in scoring the nods of the judges but she lacked grace under pressure when she was delivering her answer.

Everyone I talked to felt she was a bright decision away from clawing the crown. She was always the last person announced during the Top 15, 10, and 5 and it seems as if her striking beauty was enough to give Venus the title… had she spoke any answer… that wasn’t that.

But you have to appreciate this win especially considering how this past week was extremely unbecoming for us. As I watch my mom jump when her name is called (Mom then conceded the fact that she’ll lose the title with that question and answer debacle). For almost two hours, she gave us something to look forward to… that’s not watching the news and talking about the gunshots fired from that fateful 3-days and 2-nights package.

This was a major, major win for us, Filipinos!

Congratulations, Venus Raj!

Game over!


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