New Yooooooooooooork!

Charles Barkley has a wonderful voice.

Apparently, it’s not reserved to heckling and trash talking.

If I’m going to make the most legendary basketball team ever assembled, I’ll make sure I’ll put him on my list.

I’m going to get his Philly 76ers version where he was lean enough to get the ball from the outside and penetrate to the basket. He will be a backup though, since there are a lot of power forwards in history that can do the same damage but are taller and wider (the wide issue will be solved if I get Barkley’s Houston Rocket version). .

In terms of color commentating though, he’ll be on top of my list. Sure, he’ll probably just do halftime reports but maybe he can piss the coaching staff by putting inputs as the loudmouth courtside reporter.

Anyway, people don’t know this but Charles Barkley kind of looks like Alicia Keys.

Evilbrain suggested this clip.

Game over.


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