Asian Old Spice Guy!

Once you’ve gone black, you can never go back.

But how about u-turning to an Asian?

I rattled your brain, huh?

And yes women… he will rule you.

Remember when I posted one of Evilbrain’s Youtube finds? Well that goofy romantic that loves reading Danielle Steel books found the Old Spice guy appealing. But perhaps if he saw this…

An Asian with that kind of body… and that diction???

I guess he’ll think twice.

From the looks of things, this guy is bordering on either playing another version of the Ip Man… or perhaps auditioning for the role of Kim for some surreal version of Miss Saigon!

Yes those were my first thoughts. That voice is sooooo Bobby Lee when he impersonated Connie Chung in his MadTV days!

We Asians have an antidote for that Old Spice guy that’s hovering inside the internet making other men weary with their “manhood”.

So let’s take a vote, are in favor of this guy… or the Old Spice guy.

If you chose the Old Spice guy… fine.

If you chose the Asian Spice guy… err… fine?

But if you choose both… SURF GAY PORN!!!

Game over.


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