The Pretender

I thought of sleeping but then I thought of doodling.

Is this a good idea?


While some people are happily in glee installing the ultra-famous Starcraft 2 on their computers, I am hunting down ways to convince myself that I can do creative things (I also hate them for being so up-to-date on gaming awesomeness)!

By the way, stealing .MOV files and arranging them in AE doesn’t make me awesome.

Last Saturday, my brothers from another mother (I stole Isko’s catchphrase) Geist and Evilbrain complained that since I like producing art film-ish shits, I need to have a camera with a better resolution. The “can’t be named” couple was asking Cindy and I to join one of their trips. I actually like that since they've probably traveled the archipelago's beautiful and "safe" parts. That could be another reason to hunt a 640 x 480 camera with at least 10 megapixels and is waterproof!


I could… but I won’t… yet.

Anyway, Cindy promised to further tutor me on the ways of “Adobe After Effects” next week. I realized that stealing presets from the internet doesn’t make me awesome. My officemate Manuel has been upbeat on the fact that he has a better teacher in Calvin (aka Clanch).

Well my teacher is cute!

Can Manuel kiss Calvin on the cheeks?!?


We’ll probably sit in some wi-fi hotspot where I’ll learn a couple of tricks from what knowledge she has to offer!

Game over!


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