Rara, The Dynamite, and the Raise the Roof Kid

Young people don’t know this but there is a reason why Danny Ildefonso is the "Raise the Roof" Kid.

In 2002, Olsen Racela was the top point guard of the country.

There is a justifiable basis why Chito Loyzaga’s Dynamite moniker was given to Danny Seigle.

It must be hard for Danny Ildefonso, Danny Seigle, and Olsen Racela to watch Arwind Santos, Jay Washington, and Alex Cabagnot take over their spots. Dorian Pena might see action sometimes but he wasn’t really that much of threat offensively. Especially during reinforced conference, sticking Pena and Mick Pennisi on that matter, to the bench is easy. Among the stars of the late 90’s and the early 2000’s, Dondon Hontiveros is the only player left starting for the San Miguel Beermen and the fact that the Beermen has acquired Joseph Yeo means that his starting job is also in jeopardy.

And yet I don’t blame these guys for sticking with the squad. In two or three years, Olsen Racela will probably be an assistant coach for the Beermen. Danny Ildefonso is the current endorser of B-Meg and he owns a piggery. Danny Seigle, although his personal life might not be public, you can bet that he has gathered enough money from SMC to make his post-basketball career happy and worry-free.

This is the same reason why there are a lot of top players that destroyed their chances to have better scoring averages, more minutes, and better recognition just to stick with the Beermen. Do you know that a typical office job doesn’t do shit with a SMC janitor in terms of benefits and compensation?

Growing old as a Beermen is a very wise way to end your basketball career!

Besides, if they need to play, they can always join Samboy Lim, Allan Caidic, Hector Calma, and the rest of the SMC All-Stars in their quest to wow crowds of all ages inside the archipelago.

But still, you have to know that these guys can still go when they need to go.

Ildefonso, Seigle, Racela, Pena, and Hontiveros were the players that led the Beermen back to the top during the time the PBA had the MBA breathing on its back. If you noticed how overloaded with talent this team has become, do you remember when Nelson Asaytono (traded for Ato Agustin), Olsen Racela (part of the Bong Ravena trade), Freddie Abuda (part of the Bong Ravena trade), Mike Mustre, and the late Gido Babilonia (transferee from Pepsi Mega) was the starting five of San Miguel? This wasn’t exactly a powerhouse team but this team managed to score wins as a defense-oriented squad under Ron Jacobs.

Then the squad got Danny Ildefonso when they swapped picks with Shell (Shell received Noy Castillo).

Then SMB acquired Danny Seigle as their direct-hire.

Then they got Dorian Pena thru free agency after he finished his contract with the Negros Slashers.

And finally they got Dondon Hontiveros from Tanduay after the Bong Tan-owned franchise went berserk and traded their best bets for journeymen.

And the rest is history.

Game over.


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