Second Year High School

I liked high school…

… Except my second year.

This is the year I reached geek status.

Nuff said.

If you watched Freaks and Geeks (which is probably one of the greatest series’ ever that got cancelled in just one season), I’m probably like Sam Weir.

I had this red towel. I went to the bathroom and I decided to wash it and rub my face with it. When I came back to the classroom, my classmates were laughing at me. Dammit, that towel’s color went into my face.

Books flying as a sleep, thumbtacks to pin my barong, cleaning materials stuffed in my bag, bullies, foiled attempts to talk with a crush, staple wires in my head, the “baby brother” tag, my first encounter with an ophthalmologist and eye glasses, and anime! I also grew during that era. While I am fat now, I was trashy fat then!

Although I began to shed pounds by the end of that schoolyear… which makes me wonder if I still have the willpower to conquer obesity?

II-Faith (my section) was hell for me. I had some slight of awesomeness during my third year and fourth year but second year was hell.

I did cherish three things from that year.

My friends: I had friends from that era that I’m still friends with and I could get in touch with them through YM. I meet up with some of them at Eastwood at least twice a year. They are into anime, drawing, role-playing and computers… and when they talk about computers I space out and load up on beer.

The Salesman: I was a NBA addict back then. I like trading them for players with a potential of succeeding and… yeah, money. The thing is, in order for me to collect dough on the spot, I have to make my merchandise inexpensive. With a Beckett in hand (NBA price checklist mag), I paraded my NBA cards to the public. One time during our intramurals I got stuck inside a different classroom. I came out from that classroom an hour later with fifteen cards less and four hundred pesos richer! Sure, I know that some are “snatching” some of my cards (oh shit, where are they taking my Eric Montross, George Muresan, and Danny Manning cards… that I sell for 20 pesos!!!) and I know some of my cards should have been prized more, but when I buy 1 pack of Fleer cards and come back with money to buy 8 Fleer card packs, should I seriously get pissed?

Christian Living: This is one of my favorite memories during that period. I was gunning staple wires on a girl’s head that was sitting beside me and she got extremely pissed at me. She shouted at me that made me freeze in shock (yes, putting staples on a girl’s hair is a very bad idea). Luckily I wasn’t such a big deal then because people stopped doing their business only when the teacher arrived. We had our Christian Living class where the teacher talked about forgiveness and as if on cue, we looked at each other, smiled, and we shared a laugh. That was one of the coolest moments I had with a girl. We had different classrooms when we reached third year but we became classmates again on our fourth year. I tried courting her during my fourth year but I got basted! She thought I wasn’t serious about courting her… which I got a lot 13 years after that happened. I still get in touch with her from time to time.

Anyway, I bet my balls most of these guys are either successful yuppies or family members. When I reached third year, I became a full-pledged nerd doodling in Magic: The Gathering. I managed to not become really, really nerdy by bopping to everything new the entertainment industry dishes out. I almost became prom king and I became the smart guy in class when I reached fourth year!

This class picture is a reminder how I loved college more than high school. College gave me a chance to un-geek myself but the values I learned growing up prevented me to become a wasted soul bent to become the kitty litter of living lavishly.

High school would have been a lot better if this happened.

Game over.


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